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Embr releases Checkout to future-proof trust in Web3 payment experiences

Embr is an all-remote company building a global Web3 fundraising infrastructure, and Cash is the first of many product releases focused on leading startups and developers into a new era of the internet.

Web3 has the potential to rewrite the future of economic opportunity for innovators and investors everywhere. Still, both crypto newbies and veterans often suffer from lengthy, error-prone processes when buying digital assets.

Embr Checkout eliminates all friction from the current state of token purchases and allows people to buy tokens with nothing more than a credit card and email. Its Web2-like design creates optimal experiences where buyers no longer need crypto wallets or assets to support disruptive technology projects they believe in.

Cash embodies Web2 Financial Rails enterprise-wide security with Embr Verified, the Web3 equivalent of PayPal Verified. All projects are checked for AML by Sentinel Protocol, an AI/ML-powered threat intelligence program that protects the assets of top-tier service providers such as Samsung and Coindesk. As part of Embr’s verification program, all project creators undergo a KYC and project liquidity pools are verified in real-time to ensure they are adequately funded. If not, all transactions will be blocked as a security measure.

Optimized for everyone, Embr Checkout eliminates multi-chain navigation, analog contract address entries, and gas fee and slippage calculations for those who want to dive straight into the limitless, inclusive possibilities offered by Web3. Also, there are no setup, monthly, or hidden fees for token-based projects.

Checkout is currently in private beta, with more than 40 token-based projects that have successfully transacted over half a million dollars to date. Embr plans to release a public version in late July 2022, allowing project leaders building and counting on any of the 20 chains to enable token sales directly on their website.

“As project leaders, we should be anti-FUD. Still, we’ve sent supporters into places of fear, uncertainty, and doubt when they’re willing to get involved. Token-based projects need a flawless first impression. Anything less than Embr Checkout will hurt your project.” – @defi_jason – Jason Dominique, CEO, Embr.

Embr Checkout is verified by Chop, a leading blockchain security consulting firm. It includes a bug bounty program from HackenProof, an expert bug bounty platform for crypto projects to stay one step ahead in discovering potential security vulnerabilities.

About Embr

Embr is a gateway to the decentralized world. Its mission is to equip innovators with the tools and know-how to ignite the future of economic opportunity. In less than three hours, Embr sold its private presale, successfully raising $2.5 million for its IDO while affirming the global need for new levels of trust and enjoyment in Web3 payment experiences.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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