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AlphaWallet Review | The rise of the Motley Fool

Top perks

Optimize public chain

AlphaWallet tries to address the key crypto issues related to privacy, scalability, and usability. It does this by reducing reliance on dApps and consumption of public chain resources by creating another layer of off-chain solutions. These customs act as a bridge between the public chains and dApps. The aim is to create fairer (and free) competition by optimizing blockchain applications. This is achieved by removing the logic from public chains while providing the same perks of those chains.

Focus on deFi

Currently, more and more people in the world are trying to get into decentralized finance. By using smart contracts on a blockchain, users can buy, sell, and trade directly, without the middleman of a bank or other institution. AlphaWallet offers support for multichain networks. It connects to deFi providers for yield farming and supports NFTs.

Tokenize business assets

Another cool thing about AlphaWallet is the tokenization features. This can be particularly desirable for business owners. AlphaWallet’s primary focus is token management and usage. There are features to help you create and tokenize elements of a business which can then be rated and stored or used on the platform. For example, AlphaWallet has partnered with Shankai Sports to issue FIFA 2018 ticket tokens. So if you are looking to tokenize products or aspects of your business model to turn them into tradable assets, AlphaWallet is definitely worth a look.

Completely open source

AlphaWallet is also completely open source. Anyone can view and comment on the application code layout and may find software bugs or vulnerabilities. This is a good thing in the crypto world, as possible cracks in the system’s defenses can be spotted before hackers can exploit them. So, AlphaWallet is protected by its own user community.

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