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Duolingo’s leading IPO – TechCrunch

Hello, and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we reveal the numbers behind the headlines.

We were a smaller team this week, with Natasha and Alex together with Chris, to tackle another crazy week of summer.

This time around, we actually recorded Spaces live on Twitter, which was a first for the podcast. If you missed it, it’s probably because we didn’t sponsor the recording as it was just an experiment. The good news, however, is that it went well and we will be doing some live recordings of the show with the entire crew on the microphones. Follow the show on the Big Tweet to make sure you can hang out with us next week. We’ll also have a few questions and answers at the end when we’re in a good mood.

Until then we live in the present. Here’s what we got ourselves into on today’s show:

  • The scorching hot EU startup market: You can raise money anywhere, but you might want to do it in Europe, where VCs are investing a lot of capital this year. Hours before the tap, Index Ventures announced a $ 3 billion trio of funds (and the TikTok strategy?), Essentially solidifying our earlier coverage.
  • The big round for the crypto trading house FTX and OpenSea are lifting again: Regardless of whether you are watching the crypto market today or not, investors are still firing capital on startups in the room at a conspicuous pace.
  • Duolingo’s First IPO Price Range: It’s good news week for consumer-centric edtech startups as the public markets are finally getting a taste of a non-corporate startup. Plus, Duolingo’s upcoming financial event could see them finally empowering areas like language, cultural norms, and fluency.
  • From the world of funding rounds, we had notes on Sololearn, Numerade, NewCampus, Mural, Spreadsheet.com, and Bolt. The conversation took us to a few new corners, such as how a company raised less than its previous round but quadrupled its rating, and whether we should take all the insights into bites.
  • And we talked about Clubhouse leaving beta. Live on Twitter rooms. What can you do?

Have a nice weekend, dear human.

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