Doja Cat Performs at Billboard Music Awards – Brings Broadway to the Stage (Video)

Doja Cat performed at the Billboard Music Awards, and the 24-year-old ate and didn't leave crumbs, OH-KAY! Doja Cat gave Broadway vibes and had a Chicago-style wig paired with a 1920s body.

With a nice 8-count and a neon sign "Juicy" Doja took us on a journey with a mixture of songs. When she moved on to "Say So" she broke it down a little with her mask dancers and served! Doja Cat finally ended her gig with her latest single "Like That" and definitely gave us summer vibes as we leaned into fall.

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#PressPlay: #Roomies, #DojaCat ate, no crumbs. OH-KAY! (: @Getty Images 🎥: @bbmas)

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Most recently, Doja was spotted on a yacht with French Montana, and the World Wide Web believed the two were getting a little flirt, Chile. French was skinning and grinning, while Doja Cat had no problem showing her face in the camera when the two were thrown back along with a mutual friend.

But she later tweeted that they were going to do a song together.

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#PressPlay: #FrenchMontana was a hot commodity this week 😅. After #MadinaMilana mentioned that he supposedly got close to & #NeNeLeakes, he & #DojaCat were spotted together 👀. (SWIPE)

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