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Dog the bounty hunter’s daughter to wear the late mother’s wedding dress

US Sun. She advertised on social media in an interview last week. “It’s a big deal to me. I spoke to her when she was still alive and told her I wanted the dress – I think I said that to her a few years after the wedding. “” Data-reactid = “17”> “It is a way for me to feel that she is with me all the time and attends the wedding,” Chapman told the US Sun in an interview she was in last week on social media. “It’s a big deal to me. I spoke to her when she was alive and said I wanted the dress – I think I told her that a few years after the wedding. “

Duane “Dog” Chapman and Cecily Chapman have teamed up to sell a line of clothing in Beth’s memory. (Photo: Instagram)


Cecily, who regularly pays tribute to her mother on social media, said she always wanted to wear Beth’s wedding dress when she finally got married because her mother looked “so beautiful” in it. “I’ll have to change it a little – especially the top one – my breasts aren’t as big as Beth’s.”

Beth Chapman wore a silk dress when she married Duane “Dog” Chapman on May 20, 2006. (Photo: Lucy Pemoni / FilmMagic)


She explained that she planned to give the dress to younger sister Bonnie.

“As for my father,” said Cecily, “I’m sure it will be very emotional for him when I wear the dress, but he understands what it means to me.”

Cecily and Matty plan to get married in Hawaii, where they lived after their engagement for Christmas in 2018. Ideally, they’ll tie the knot on Halloween or Christmas.

“We’re waiting for the whole COVID thing to settle down, but when it comes down to it we just have a private wedding,” Cecily explained, adding that she refuses to wear a mask while her father walks the aisle leads along.