Tristam Shapeero, Lukas Gage

Director Tristram Shapeero apologizes for “insensitive remarks” during Lukas Gage’s viral foreplay video

Director Tristram Shapeero got in touch saying he was the one who made the “unacceptable and insensitive remarks” in the video Lukas Gage posted about his false audition – and he’s sorry.

Over the weekend, Gage, who has appeared on TV in Euphoria, shared a video of a virtual foreplay in which the unmuffled director noted how “these poor people live in these tiny apartments”. Gage made the moment less awkward with a hilarious response that prompted the director to apologize and shared the clip – months after the audition – on social media as “PSA” to “sh ** talk” directors. to mute their microphones during zoom auditions. The video went viral – with millions of views and other actors showing their support. There has been a lot of speculation about the identity of the British director, which led to Shapeero being featured in an essay for Deadline.

Tristram Shapeero says he is the director who commented on Lukas Gage’s apartment in the viral video. (Photos: Getty Images)

Shapeero, who has worked on shows like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, began his essay by writing, “You probably don’t know who I am, but you probably know my story. One actor, Lukas Gage, posted a clip on social media that came from a Zoom casting he and I attended in August. Meanwhile, an undamped director is referring to tiny apartments and “those poor people” and referring to actors. The quick witted Gage replies that he knows his apartment is ‘sh *** y’ and that’s why he needs this job so he can get a better one. “

He said against “what is probably wise advice: to say it as little as possible and let this happen,” he “decided to come forward, take responsibility, give the apology Mr. Gage deserves and background information.” for my unacceptable and insensitive remarks. “

Shapeero continued, “First and foremost, I apologize to Mr Gage, sincerely and without makeup, for my offensive words, my unprofessional behavior during foreplay, and for not giving him the focus and attention he deserves. My job is to rate the performers based on the part I want to cast. Lukas deserves better. “

The story goes on

By way of explanation, he talked about the audition in August, the fourth month of the lockdown, and as he did each audition, he felt “emotional” seeing “actors working so hard under the” exceptional circumstances, the few available Parts to win ”. ”

He said he used “the word” poor “in the sense of sympathy as opposed to any economic judgment. My words were spoken from a real place of appreciation for what the actors had to endure, locked in a confined space and locked into themselves find to provide a role-winning performance under these conditions. “

Shapeero apologizes in the video posted, which he described as sincere.

“As I say on the video, I am ashamed of what happened,” he said. “Although I can’t put the proverbial toothpaste back in the tube, I’m moving from this incident to a more empathetic man. I promise, a more focused director and an even better partner for actors from the foreplay process to the final cut. “

Gage hasn’t publicly responded to Shapeero’s apology yet, but he’s been busy getting lots of love from fellow Hollywood members who applauded him for his quick response in the viral clip. His answer was, “I know it’s a bloody apartment. So, give me this job so I can get a better one … I live in a four-by-four box, it’s fine, just give the job and we’ll be fine. “

Virgin director Judd Apatow, 40, was among those who supported Gage. One of them is Molly Shannon from Superstar, who is currently shooting the HBO limited series The White Lotus with Gage in Hawaii. Others included Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, January Jones, Emmy Rossum, Zelda Williams, Dakota Fanning, Seth MacFarlane, Billy Eichner and the list goes on.

A paparazzi caught up with Shapeero yesterday – while walking his dog, clumsily holding a poop bag – and asked if he was the director in question. He didn’t deny it was him, telling the camera person in the clip posted on TMZ that he had no excuse for not saying anything bad. You need to look up the definition. “

However, he said he intended to address it on his own terms – not if he was ambushed. He said he was speaking to public relations experts and a statement would follow.

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