Nicki Minaj

Did Nicki Minaj’s Hairstylist Shade Her Again?

We recently reported on Nicki Minaj and her now former hairstylist’s fall out. If you’re late to the tea, Nicki’s former hairstylist Tae went on a few rants after Nicki got her hair done by a different hairstylist, Johnathan.

It all started when Johnathan posted this video after he styled Nicki Minaj’s hair for a home video shoot for her feature on ASAP Ferg’s song ‘Move Ya Body’.

After fans questioned why Nicki’s main stylist Tae didn’t do her hair, she liked this tweet which seemingly explained why.

Fans then peeped that Nicki and Tae weren’t following each other, but she was following the other stylist Jonathan, who Tae had recently been at odds with.

Tae then went on a rant talking about how he’d missed out on opportunities because he was being loyal.

Nicki then took to Instagram live to address the drama, claiming that Tae had cancelled on her 48 hours before the shoot although they’d had multiple conversations about it ahead of time.

Flash forward to today, Tae and his friend posted a video seemingly imitating the one Jonathan posted of Nicki previously. In the video, Tae laughs as his friend says “Chinese bang with my two braids ayee [head tilt]”–just as Nicki did in Jonathan’s video.

Tae said he was just having fun, but people aren’t buying it! Thoughts, Roommates?