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COVID cases fall in the US; Promotion in Lyco | News, sports, jobs

While COVID cases in the US have declined 20% in the past two weeks, cases in both Pennsylvania and Lycoming Counties have increased 9% and 21%, respectively, over the same time period. respectively.

Lycoming and surrounding counties continue to be listed among the 89.47% of all US counties where the virus is most widely transmitted.

Retired family doctor Barbra Hemmendinger said in the update released on Monday that these counties have not yet seen their respective highs of cases related to the Delta variant.

“Hospital admissions for documented COVID-related illnesses in Lycoming, Clinton and Union Counties also remain very high, and the delta surge has not yet peaked.” She said.

The percentage of fully vaccinated US citizens is now 56.4%, with 78.2% of the adult US population having received at least one dose of vaccine. Lycoming County has now started the vaccination process for more than half the population (53.6%). Hemmendinger also points out that the vaccination rate for under 18-year-olds has increased significantly in recent weeks.

Booster vaccinations for those who received both the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are due to be reviewed by the FDA advisory panel later this week. The same panel will also review the effectiveness and safety of mixing different vaccine doses. If approved, the panel may recommend that the use of Johnson & Johnson and Moderna booster syringes be approved by the CDC in the near future.

The FDA will review the data collected on Pfizer’s proposed vaccine for children ages 5-11. Doses for people within this age group could be available as early as November this year.

Hemmendinger went on to point out that all citizens remain vigilant in the fight against COVID-19 and continue to take measures to not only protect themselves but also to stop the virus from spreading.

“It is important that everyone wear properly fitting masks in public indoor spaces, get vaccinated, observe social distancing, stay home when they feel sick and get tested, if they have symptoms or are exposed to someone with COVID-19. “

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