A couple in the Northern California town of Martinez clashed with BLM activists on the Fourth of July after the man and woman were caught painting over a BLM mural.

Couple Confronted By Activists After They Were Caught Painting Over BLM Mural In Northern California Town

A video of a couple painting over a “Black Lives Matter” mural in the northern California town of Martinez has sparked outrage across the internet.

The incident happened on the Fourth of July when the man and woman, sporting some red white and blue clothing, were confronted by a group of protesters in front of the county courthouse in the city. 

Despite the city giving permission to activists to paint the message, the man and woman showed up hours later and began painting over the letters of the mural with black paint. In the video, the pair is seen arguing with activists and shouting “all lives matter.” The man also said police killings are a consequence of resisting arrest.

“I can’t believe that this is happening right in front of my face,” a witness said, according to @nbcbayarea. “I expected something to happen, but when I saw this, I got a little excited and tried to make sure and get it in and film everything that happened.”

The activists were able to record the license plate number of the truck the woman and man were driving, and the Martinez Police Department is currently investigating the situation.

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