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College football futures markets exclusively at WynnBet

In preparation for the football season, Sportsbooks have published odds on their traditional College Football (CFB) futures bets. Whether you want to bet on totals, conference winners, etc., it is not difficult to find a book of odds for your interest market. But WynnBET is offering something different, much like they did for the NFL.

That’s not to say you can’t place futures bets on traditional college football futures at WynnBET – because you can. But if you’re not like Kirk Herbstreit and open to something different, WynnBET’s exclusive offers are well worth a look.

After all, variety is the spice of life, isn’t it?

CFB combination team wins market

Betting on the total winnings of your favorite college football team is one of the most common futures bets on college football. You will have a hard time finding a sportsbook that does not offer odds on CFB winnings. But WynnBET is the only provider of odds on combined winnings.

The following is just one example of what WynnBET posted odds for:

  • More combined wins – Oklahoma, LSU, Texas, Alabama
    • Oklahoma + LSU: -150
    • Alabama + Texas: +130
  • More combined wins – Georgia, Ball State, San Jose State, Ohio State
    • Georgia + Ball State: -125
    • State of Ohio + State of San Jose: +105
  • More combined wins – Penn State, West Virginia, Florida, Virginia Tech
    • Penn State + West Virginia: -120
    • Florida + Virginia Tech: +100
  • More combined wins – Alabama, South Alabama, Auburn, UAB
    • Alabama + South Alabama: -160
    • Maroon + UAB: +140

Many fans will be aware of potential teams like Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Penn State, and Florida. But schools like LSU, Texas, and Auburn are more difficult to call. Most fans probably aren’t as familiar with programs like Ball State, South Alabama, and UAB as Virginia Tech or West Virginia.

It takes some research to make an informed bet, but if you’re looking for a break from the norm …

Who will be number 1 in the CFB playoffs?

Every sports betting company has published odds on who will win the national college football title this season. There are often some who post odds on who will make the college football playoffs. But WynnBET offers odds on something else – the # 1 seed.

These are not odds on the team that will win everything. No, this is the team that will finish the regular season in first place on the CFP rankings:

  • Alabama +110
  • Oklahoma +325
  • Clemson +600
  • Georgia +700
  • Ohio State +1500
  • Texas A&M +2500
  • State of Iowa +5000
  • Notre Dame, Washington, Oregon +7500
  • Miami, North Carolina +8000
  • State of Arizona, Wisconsin +10000

Alabama is the obvious favorite, of course. Even if they have some trouble starting the season at the quarterback, the roster is good enough to hold the team while Nick Saban works out the kinks. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find value anywhere else.

While they’d all need a few things to go their way during the season, it wouldn’t be too shocking to see Oklahoma, Clemson, Georgia or Ohio State finish the regular season # 1 in the CFB playoffs.

CFB team with the highest score

At the start of the college football season, it is common for good teams to schedule soft opponents. That way they still have a good chance of winning if they fight their way out of the gate. If they don’t make an effort, the fans will be pampered with a blowout at the start of the new season.

WynnBET gives college football fans the chance to bet on who the top scoring teams will be.

Only a handful of games and only a few teams at a power five conference are planned for week 0. But the odds makers make it clear who they think the favorites are – UCLA (-120) and Fresno State (+130).

The closest teams are Nebraska and UTEP at +1,500.

In the first week the competition is a bit tougher (more teams are available via the WynnBET app):

  • Texas A&M: +500
  • Wake Forest, Oklahoma: +800
  • Tennessee, Oregon, Pittsburgh, Ole Miss, Michigan, Auburn, Alabama: +1 500
  • USC, UCF, Ohio State, NC State, LSU, Cincinnati: +2500

Even with the quarterback’s question mark, running game and defense, the Aggies should have no problem getting the score up on Kent State.

But the value can be here with Oklahoma. After Spencer Rattler broke the kinks last season, the Sooners dominated (and Tulane struggled with a 6-6 record). It might be worth betting a little on Ole Miss (vs. Louisville) or Alabama (vs. Miami).

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