Clark County registrar Joe Gloria says Nevada won't complete voting until November 12th

Clark County registrar Joe Gloria says Nevada won’t complete voting until November 12th

Roommates while the wait picks up and many continue to wait impatiently for Nevada to count its votes – recent reports have said the wait may be longer than expected. Clark County Nevada registrar Joe Gloria only announced that the vote count won’t be complete until next week.

Joe Gloria, registrar of voters for Clark County, Nevada, said in a recent news conference that there are 63,262 remaining to be counted of all the ballots the county currently has received. Joe Biden is currently the leader in the county, which includes Las Vegas, with 431,863 votes to Donald Trump’s 367,279 votes.

Of these votes, 34,743 were returned to the drop-off points by voters on election day, while 24,311 postal ballots were still pending on election day and 4,208 were received by the US Postal Service on November 3rd and 4th.

Clark County employees said they were ready to count 51,000 ballots during the day. The results will be published on November 6th before 1pm (CET). Gloria added that more than 60,000 preliminary ballot papers were cast during early voting and on election day that are pending.

He also denied allegations of electoral fraud made by members of the Trump campaign, saying he was “unaware of any inappropriate ballot papers being processed”. “Our goal here in Clark County is not to count quickly,” he said. “We want to make sure we are accurate.”

Joe Gloria said Clark County is on track to complete the majority of its postal voting by Saturday or Sunday.

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