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Chef Pulls Up To McDonald’s Drive Thru & Offers Employees Jobs

Saud Shuler, a well known Philly chef who coined the term “y’all see it”, pulled up to a local McDonald’s and scooped their workers right under their nose.

This is a whole different level of recruiting right here! Pulling up to a place of work that requires the same skills to work for your own business, and essentially poaching them on the spot might be the new wave to find the best of the best!

Saud shared a video in which she pulled up to the McDonald’s drive thru, asked two female employees how much they were making and when they said $7 – $8, Saud offered them a job with a starting pay of $12.

The two ladies walked out, no two weeks notice—no notice at all really, and were ready to work and make that coin!!

Congrats to the ladies on their new jobs, and shout out to Saud for providing better paying jobs in her community! She shared that she ended up hiring 11 employees that day!

Peep the whole thing go down below!

How would y’all handle this situation Roommates?

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