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Celebrities Who Say Cannabis Saved Their Lives

Cannabis is still seen by many as a compound that doesn’t need to be around, and which can’t help anybody. But this sentiment is becoming outdated. One grouping of people who are often more outspoken about their life choices and what they believe, are celebrities, and this has helped push the conversation forward. To give an idea of what cannabis has meant to some people, outside of recreational benefits, here are some celebrities who outright explain how cannabis saved their lives, or improved them greatly.

These days, its not hard to find celebrities that have said cannabis saved their lives, or made living that much easier, and this helps the rest of us by opening the door wider for public commentary, which we standard people can’t do as well. And this is great. We fully support the legalization of cannabis for medical (and recreational) needs, and offer products like THC-O, THCV, Delta 10 THC and Delta-8 THC, which is beneficial for medical patients. Why? Delta-8 produces less psychoactive effect, doesn’t fog up the brain or seep out all a user’s energy, and it doesn’t create the anxiety of delta-9. If you are a medical user, these can be great benefits. Take a look at our selection of Delta 8 deals, and find your perfect product for whatever you deal with in life.

Celebrities who say cannabis saved their lives, or helped them greatly

While some celebrities won’t go as far as to say that cannabis saved their lives, many openly talk about how it has helped them cope with it. Here are some of the more interesting celebrity cannabis stories.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one. In a Netflix documentary from 2017, entitled “Gaga: Five Foot Two”, the eccentric pop star explained how she uses cannabis for multiple reasons. Miss Gaga explains that she suffers from fibromyalgia, a not well understood disorder that leaves sufferers in a lot of pain. Lady Gaga uses cannabis to help manage that pain, a nice break from those who run to opiates instead. She also said using cannabis can help her deal with the high level of stress – both physical and mental – that comes with being such a high level performer.

In 2011, in a 60 Minutes interview, she also mentioned how smoking cannabis can help with the creative process of writing music. This isn’t medical, but it does highlight another useful aspect of the drug. While Gaga stated in a 2013 radio interview that at some point she might have used a bit too much, as a result of dealing with hip pain, she clearly never stopped use, and maintains it now at a lower level to help with her health issues


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Willie Nelson

While not all celebrities are so extreme in their statements, Willie Nelson maintains that cannabis indeed saved his life. Back in a 2019 interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, the now 88-year-old musical icon spoke about his history with marijuana, and how it has helped him. In contrast to Lady Gaga, Nelson didn’t bring up medical issues, but instead made this statement about how cannabis helped him stop some of his worst habits, as well as alleviating anger/stress that had a large impact on his earlier life:

“I wouldn’t be alive. It saved my life, really. I wouldn’t have lived 85 years if I’d have kept drinking and smoking like I was when I was 30, 40 years old. I think that weed kept me from wanting to kill people. And probably kept a lot of people from wanting to kill me, too — out there drunk, running around.”

Nelson explains that he first started smoking back in 1954, but said it took him about six months to really feel high. He explains that he was drinking a lot, and taking other substances, which might have impacted how he was able to feel a buzz. He also highlights how cannabis helped with his other more negative drug behaviors, eventually quitting other substances. Nelson has been arrested for cannabis use on several occasions, but was lucky enough not to incur real jail time.

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson’s story is one of the more interesting ones when it comes to how cannabis has really helped a person. Davidson had been using cannabis to help deal with the excruciating pain that comes with Crohns disease, which he suffers from. This gastrointestinal disorder which causes extreme inflammation in the bowels and damages the digestive tract lining, effects how food is processed, and often leaves sufferers in an extremely painful and weakened physical state.

He mentioned in a Howard Stern Interview in 2018 that there were times he couldn’t get out of bed because of the pain, and that his weight dropped down to 110 pounds. Cannabis has been used quite a bit by Crohn’s sufferers, and on a personal level, I now know three people who have sworn by cannabis as a way of dealing with their own Crohn’s-related pain. Which is also all the people I know with the disorder.

Davidson has some other issues though, and in 2017 he opened up about being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, and how dealing with it led him to more than one rehab stint. Though Davidson actually quit using cannabis for a number of months thinking it was making things worse, he found that after a few months, this was not the case. The meds prescribed to him for his disorder flat out didn’t work, and he went back to cannabis. Now he uses cannabis to help deal with the symptoms of both disorders.


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