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Celebrities who live with chronic health conditions – from Jeff Hordley to Venus Williams

Unfortunately, there are no proven therapies for fibromyalgia for Gaga and the five million others diagnosed with the disease, but there are three approved drugs that help relieve the pain.

Jeff Hordley

From Hollywood to Emmerdale, fan favorite Jeff Hordley – who plays Cain Dingle in the Cobbles – has been living with his chronic illness since 1996.

As the ambassador for Crohn’s & Colitis UK, Jeff has been raising awareness of Crohn’s disease since 2009 as both he and his mother (who sadly passed away) lived with the disease.

About the disease, which causes inflammation of the digestive system and is closely linked to irritable bowel syndrome, he said, “I was afraid it would stop my acting career. Fortunately not. After surgery, medication and diet control, I’ve played the role of Cain Dingle since 2000.

“I know it’s embarrassing to talk about, but even simple solutions like being close to a bathroom in the workplace can make such an improvement.”

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