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Celebrities have stopped washing. Does that mean we should too?

How dirty are you That’s the big question of the day. Celebrities line up to present themselves as couples who don’t wash their “bodies” (Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis), irregular bathers (Jake Gyllenhaal) and deodorant deniers (Matthew McConaughey) – and only in the past two weeks. You have to ask yourself: why this unseemly scramble to suddenly identify yourself as filthy? We have a pretty good idea.

Celebrities are doing what they have to do in the face of radical changes like the pandemic and the global environmental crisis (“Did you see Europe go crazy?”). They are repositioning themselves – this time as the opposite of precious, pampered, perfumed and touchless.

If you are a celebrity who wants to stay in your Montecito mansion and gulps down Cristal while you search your CCTV cameras looking for offense in the gift wrap room, now is the time to let you know that you are not afraid of dirt . Like dirt is the new hallmark of a reformed narcissist and ignorant consumer. All sorts of assumptions flow from not washing – just to get this one – and you can choose your type of smut to place your image just right. Civilians can play this game too. We are beautiful.

How dirty are you Here are your options

sexy dirty

There’s no point in getting around the bush: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis brag about their earthy sex lives by admitting they don’t wash much. The perfect shiny couples don’t have sex. Everyone knows that. The messy, imperfect, not many rules, comfortable couple with body fluids? Probably tons of it. There’s no cool way of telling the world that you are a sexy couple: not cooking, washing twice a day is as good as it gets.

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