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Carson Conversation: Carson City’s economy continues (voices)

Ronni Hannaman is the executive director of the Carson City Chamber of Commerce. Courtesy photo

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Like almost everywhere in the state and across the US, some Carson City companies are struggling to attract / retain employees. The lawsuit no longer seems to find “qualified” employees, just someone. And there are innumerable reasons for the labor shortage.

Despite all of its staffing shortages, Carson City remains economically strong, with the exception of the hardest hit sector: hospitality and retail. There has never been an over-reliance on tourism here, so weathering economic downturns has been a bit easier as Carson City attracts those who want to work in government, keeping us at the top of the overall wage scale for workers.

The latest US Bureau of Labor Statistics lists Carson City as the highest average hourly wage within the Metropolitan Statistical Areas in Nevada as of May 2020.

With a national average wage of $ 24.21 an hour, Carson City has an average hourly wage of $ 26.07 an hour, compared to Reno at $ 24.75 and Las Vegas at $ 24.02. Dollar.

As would be expected in most capital cities, there are many government jobs and good wages and benefits and pensions not often found in the private sector.

Regional workers commute from surrounding counties on a daily basis, resulting in higher income as employees shop and dine in the city. In addition, public service positions appear to be recession-proof, although there may be temporary reductions in working hours during the most difficult times or vacancies may remain temporarily unfilled.

The Army National Guard is headquartered here and listed as the largest employer, followed by # 2 State Department of Corrections, # 3 State Department of Transportation, and # 4 Employment Security Division. The State Department of Motor Vehicles comes in 6th, followed by the Legislative Counsel Bureau in 7th and Public & Behavioral Health in 8th.

Carson Tahoe Health is the fifth largest employer. Click Bond ranks 10th and Chromalloy 13th. Both have major contracts with federal and aerospace companies. Carson City ranks 9th; Carson City School District at # 11; and Western Nevada College at # 12. The top employer in the hospitality industry is Casino Fandango in 14th place.

Bottom Line: Of the top 14 local employers listed, three are from the private sector, and Carson Tahoe Health is a nonprofit. All others receive mainly tax money for the operation.

Carson City, for example, did not suffer as much from the pandemic as the cities that rely mainly on hospitality. While the government was physically closed, employees could work from home and receive paychecks and benefits. Some manufacturers had to retool to meet medical needs, but most were operational, but some had to temporarily downsize. As everywhere, retail and hospitality were the brunt of the shutdown.

When the city passed 50,000 in 2000, major retailers and developers found Carson City on their radar. As Carson City continues to add new homes bringing in more population, that radar signal is still going strong as large corporations want to grow to recognize the city as a regional hub.

Carson Conversation is a monthly column from NNBW Voices written by Ronni Hannaman, Executive Director of the Carson City Chamber of Commerce. For a comment, please contact her at [email protected]

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