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Britney Spears Doctor Boards To Remove Father From Parents | Celebrities

Britney Spears doctors agree that her father, Jamie Spears, should be removed from their guardianship.

A “toxic” singer is currently on trial trying to get Jamie released as guardian of her property, and in a new legal document, Britney’s medical team said his father was unhealthy for musicians in the position. Agree to claims.

Britney’s guardian Jody Montgomery joined the petition to take Jamie away, saying that both she and Britney’s doctor believed that Jamie’s presence was unhealthy for Britney.

The Blast records state: It is not in (Britney )’s best interests that Spears remain the estate’s guardian. “

In a recently released court document, Britney and her legal team suggested to Jason Rubin that he wanted a certified accountant to be the co-guardian of their property.

According to a document filed by Britney’s legal team: Spears is an honorary petitioner for the court to appoint her candidate. In this respect, it is objective and sensible to appoint a highly qualified and professional trustee in this situation.

In addition, Mr. Spears, with the approval of the court, heard on July 14, 2021 that Mr. Spears is able to elect his own attorney and is sufficient to make that nomination. I will submit it in honor of my skill. “

When Jason replaces Jamie, Britney will take over her real estate and property management as well as her healthcare decisions, which are currently overseen by Jody.

Britney has been under custody since the 2008 public collapse and has been on trial since June to regain her freedom.

Britney Spears Doctor Boards to Remove Father From Parents | Celebrities

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