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Bridge collapse near Pennsdale affects residents | News, sports, jobs

MIKE REUTHER / Sun-Gazette Rains washed out a bridge near Pennsdale making it difficult for residents of Carpenter’s Lane to leave their neighborhood.

This week’s rains nearly stranded several homes in Lycoming County and closed a state park in Tioga County.

A bridge collapse this week over a small creek near the village of Pennsdale left a number of area residents without their usual route to and from their properties.

People in eight homes are reportedly using the bridge along Carpenter’s Lane, which collapsed Monday night due to flooding.

The Muncy Township Bridge, which is right on Quaker Church Road, is expected to be replaced with a new span early next week.

Some residents used a makeshift gravel road to get back and forth from their homes.

However, the muddy conditions reportedly made it difficult to impossible for others to use the makeshift road, leaving them stranded in their homes.

ON “Road closed” A sign flanked by orange motorway cones was placed on Carpenter’s Lane in the washed-out bridge area a few meters from the creek.

Leonard Harrison State Park officials announced Thursday that the park along Route 660 near Wellsboro has been closed due to flooding and storm damage on a section of State Route 660. Officials said Leonard Harrison, about 10 miles from Wellsboro, will reopen by the end of next week, and also said anyone planning to visit the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon should go to Colton Point State Park at 927 Colton Road, Wellsboro, can go. It is open and is on the west rim of the canyon.

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