Boosie reportedly received two surgeries after being shot in the leg source. According to reports, despite reports, no limbs have been amputated (update).


We know Boosie has been on your thoughts and prayers for the past few days as it was reported that he was shot in the leg on his birthday last Saturday. Despite conflicting reports about his condition, we hear that he has had a successful operation and is recovering at home.

According to TMZ, Boosie had two surgeries due to the gunshot wound he sustained over the weekend. Some reports claimed it was possible he might have to amputate his leg, but sources close to the situation tell the TMZ that luckily an amputation was not the result.

According to sources, Boosie had one procedure to remove bullet fragments and another to put screws into his foot to make sure it healed properly. Boosie reportedly left the hospital on Tuesday and is currently resting at home. TMZ reports that he will be on his feet for about 6 weeks.

Boosie was very open to diabetes, and a condition of this type sparked speculation that he would have to amputate his leg. However, TMZ reports that doctors mentioned his diabetes only to make sure he was eating right before his surgeries to make sure he would be fine under anesthesia.

As we reported earlier, Boosie was in Dallas remembering his friend Mo3, who was shot there last week. Boosie was at the scene of another shooting and was reportedly shot in the knee.

Please keep Boosie in your thoughts and prayers at this point, Roomies, as we wish him a speedy and healthy recovery!