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Blueprint Nebraska Aims Income Tax Reductions and Other Tax Reforms to Help Boost the Economy | Government and politics

* The state’s sales tax base would be broadened by taxing more services, with taxing at least some medical services.

* Government tax credits for investments in research and business development would double.

* Highly skilled student loans are offered up to $ 12,000 over five years. Manufacturing workers would receive credit relief of up to $ 1,200 over a five-year period. Both efforts are designed to attract more workers to Nebraska and address a critical shortage.

* The state’s inheritance tax would be abolished, a move that proponents say will retain an additional 10% of the state’s retirees.

Blueprint Nebraska’s proposals were examined by Regional Economic Models Inc. who projected their economic and tax implications.

Other observers expressed different views on the initiative proposed by Blueprint.

Senator Carol Blood, who is considering a 2022 presidential election as a Democrat, said Blueprint’s press conference left a number of her concerns and questions unanswered.

The proposal was “not a good policy,” said Blood. “I believe these are the usual attacks on the working class and our seniors,” she said of things better. “

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