Blueface Let His 3 Year Old Son Drive You To The Store For Donuts (Video)

Blueface had his 3-year-old son Javaughn drive him into the store to buy donuts on Wednesday morning.

Blueface’s antics didn’t surprise us these days, but that didn’t stop fans from raising their eyebrows on his latest father / son outing.

Blueface often spends time with his 3 year old son Javaughn. While Blueface’s relationship with Javaughn’s mother is a breeze (the two have been together again and again since high school), it appears he has managed to successfully raise his baby mom.

Blueface may have a wild side, but for the most part, when he’s with Javaughn it was definitely some of his cuter moments.

While the gesture of today’s outing may have been nice, fans weren’t happy with Blueface today when he let his young son drive him to a gas station for donuts.

Blueface had his little boy on his lap and his hands on the wheel as they drove through the streets. While it was clear that Blueface was likely in control of the vehicle and helping his son drive it, fans nonetheless pointed out the danger he was putting his son in by getting him behind the wheel with no car seat in sight was.

Other fans let go of Blueface a little, saying they could relate to their parents doing the same thing as children – but maybe not to the extent that he did.

Thankfully no one was injured but let’s just say it’s probably in Blueface’s best interest to keep his son as a backseat driver for the time being.

This isn’t the first time Blueface has gotten heat about being a parent. Back in June, he was criticized for a video he uploaded encouraging his son to ask, “Where is that?”

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