Bhad Bhabie has a new MAN: The 17-year-old rapper confirms that she is with a 20-year-old! (Pictures inside)

Bhad Bhabie has sneaked back into the spotlight after her last stint in rehab and it looks like she has a new husband and man is the appropriate term when she confirmed he was 20.

Bhad Bhabie posted her and her new mysterious guy in a couple of mirror selfies.

While she seems undisturbed and happy in their new little relationship, people quickly noticed that he appeared to be a grown man.

It seems Bhabie had enough because lil "Cash me out!" decided to just catch people in their comments about being in their business.

For those who inquired about her new husband's age, Bhad Bhabie not only confirmed that her new husband was an adult, but also told people that there was "nothing wrong with that."

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#BhadBhabie responds to people who said their new boo looks a little old She also had something to say to people who talked about how she looked (SWIPE)

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"He's 20, I'm 17 … there's nothing wrong with 3 years old so relax," replied Bhabie to one person.

In response to another she said, "Half of your mommies b 35 and your daddies b 50 so stfu (shut up)."

But her new husband wasn't the only thing people talked about. Several people pointed out that Bhad Bhabie's appearance seems to be changing all the time and that she is trying more and more to resemble black women.

From her tan to her curly hair, fans wanted to know why the look keeps changing.

She also went ahead and brought this up, saying her hair was naturally curly.

This is not the first time Bhad Bhabie has had to defend her looks. The last time she was asked to change her appearance, she happened upon Lil & # 39; Kim while trying to make a comparison.

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#PressPlay: #BhadBhabie talks about people who accuse them of trying to be black after one of their last looks !! She used #LilKim as one of her examples to prove her point. #Roommates what do you think? (📹: @theshaderoomteens)

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