Ava DuVernay tells followers

Ava DuVernay tells followers ‘there is no debate anymore’ when it comes to 2020 presidential election

Ava DuVernay tells followers “there is no debate anymore” in regards to the upcoming presidential election. (Photo: David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Ava DuVernay is calling for people to #voteblue2020 after Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris would be his running mate in the upcoming presidential election while expressing that there’s no room for debate on voting for anyone else.

“There’s no room for it in my book. We either make this happen. Or literally, more of us perish,” the filmmaker behind movies like 13th and Selma wrote on Instagram. “People are dying.”

Known equally for her activism as she is for her art, DuVernay continued a plea to her 2.1 million followers to not use Harris’s previous actions or inactions against her when it comes to placing a vote. Instead, DuVernay points out the importance of what Harris hasn’t done when it comes to comparing her to the current administration.

“Because what she DIDN’T DO is abandon citizens in a pandemic, rip babies from their mother’s arms at the border, send federal troops to terrorize protestors, manufacture new ways to suppress Black and Brown votes, actively disrespect Indigenous people and land, traffic in white supremacist rhetoric in an effort to stir racist violence at every turn, attempt to dismantle most American democratic systems of checks and balance, degrade women all day everyday, infect the Supreme Court with another misogynist hack, demolish America’s standing on climate, actively cultivate and further white supremacist structures and systems across all aspects of American daily life,” DuVerynay wrote. “I mean, that’s what she DIDN’T do.”

A supporter of Barack Obama, DuVernay has publicly spoken out against President Donald Trump on social media before. Now, she shared, that any discussion in favor of voting for the Republican president again “is insanity.”

Instead, she’s encouraging everyone to vote for Biden and Harris, and keep them accountable while in office.

“This is a matter of life or death. We need all our energy focused. This is a fight for more than can be expressed here,” she wrote. “There is no debate anymore. Not for me anyway.”

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