August Alsina

August Alsina To Drop New Song ‘Entanglements’ Hear The Snippet!

When I say 2020 can’t get any wilder, it’s like each day presents a newer more wilder version than the day before! Today August Alsina, aka Mr. Entanglement himself has shared on Instagram that he will be dropping a song about well… entanglements. As we all know, the word ‘entanglement’ has been entangled in everyone’s mind since Jada Pinkett-Smith used the term to describe her past relationship with August on her hit show ‘Red Table Talk.’ Jada had to take herself to the table after August spilled the beans that they very much DID have an affair.  Here’s what started the whole thing y’all!


A little more context for ya! See below:

When I say that the internet had a FIELD DAY with this, it basically broke the internet y’all! Now, that the tea (and the word) is out there, August hasn’t backed down from any of his claims. In fact, he’s doubling down with his own song! The song appropriately titled ‘Entanglements’ and features Rick Ross. Hear a snippet below:

Whew! If things weren’t entangled before, they’re about to be now! Maybe August is just using his real life as inspiration for his music? Either way we will definitely be tuning in to see what he has to say cause BABY this is just TEW MUCH.

Since Red Table Talk, Jada has yet to say anything else about the matter. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall when she hears his new bop.

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