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Updated Tuesday, October 12, 2021 | 9:57 pm

The US will reopen land borders to fully vaccinated people in November

WASHINGTON (AP) – The US will reopen its land borders for non-essential travel next month and end a 19-month freeze due to the COVID-19 pandemic as the country requires all international visitors to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Vehicle, rail, and ferry travel between the United States and Canada and Mexico has been largely limited to essential travel such as trade since the earliest days of the pandemic. The new rules, due to be announced on Wednesday, allow fully vaccinated foreigners to travel to the US from early November, regardless of the reason for travel, if a similar easing of restrictions on air travel in the country is due to take effect.

House sends debt limit increase to Biden to avoid late payments

WASHINGTON (AP) – Members of the House of Representatives on Tuesday pushed through a short-term hike in the country’s debt ceiling to ensure the federal government could pay its bills in full by December and temporarily avert an unprecedented default that would have decimated the economy. The Senate approved the US $ 480 billion increase in the country’s credit limit in a party vote last week. The House of Representatives swiftly approved it for President Joe Biden to sign this week. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen had warned that the steps to avert a default by the country would be exhausted by Monday and that the ministry would soon no longer be able to meet the government’s financial obligations in full.

The AP interview: McAuliffe wants the Democrats to make it

RICHMOND, Virginia (AP) – Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia, on Tuesday called on leaders of both parties in Washington – including President Joe Biden – to “band together” while telling Senate Democrats to do so urged the filibuster to be abolished if necessary to enforce the party’s priorities on infrastructure spending and voting rights. McAuliffe’s harsh words during an interview with The Associated Press come just three weeks before election day in Virginia. The former governor faces Republican freshman Glenn Youngkin in a race that represents a critical early test of Democratic political strength in the first year of Biden’s presidency.

The Texas order reflects the growing hostility of the GOP vaccine mandates

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – Under the leadership of the Texas Governor, Conservative Republicans in several states are trying to block or undercut President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates for private employers before regulations are even enacted. The increasing battle over what some see as overwhelming the federal government is burning part of the Republican party base, even though many large employers have already made a voluntary decision to ask their workers to be shot. The confusion will almost certainly end in court, as the GOP attorneys general have vowed to sue as soon as the rule is posted in nearly half of the states.

China exports 28% in September; US $ 42 billion surplus

BEIJING (AP) – China’s import and export growth slowed in September due to shipping bottlenecks and other disruptions linked to coronavirus outbreaks, customs data reported Wednesday. The report showed that exports rose 28.1% to $ 305.7 billion. That was a little slower than the 33% increase in August, but faster than economists forecast. Imports rose 17.6% to $ 240 billion, down from 26% the previous month but a little more than expected. After last year’s global economic downturn, disruptions persist in industry supply chains. Rising infections in the US and some other markets also dampened consumer sentiment. This year’s trade numbers were skewed from 2020 when global demand plummeted in the first half after governments shut down factories and stores to fight the pandemic.

Pamela could be a hurricane again as it hits Mexico on land

MEXICO CITY (AP) – Tropical storm Pamela is picking up speed in the Pacific off Mexico, and forecasters say it should return to hurricane strength before hitting the coast north of the port of Mazatlan on Wednesday. After Pamela weakened to a tropical storm on Tuesday afternoon, Pamela was about 275 kilometers west-southwest of Mazatlan and moving north-northeast at about 12 miles an hour, the US National Hurricane Center said. The storm had maximum wind speeds of around 70 mph (110 km / h). Pamela was predicted to pass far south of the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula during the night as she accelerated her forward movement toward the coast and regained wind strength.

Coroner: Gabby Petito was strangled 3-4 weeks before the body was found

CHEYENNE, Wyo (AP) – Cross-country skier Gabby Petito was strangled, a Wyoming coroner said Tuesday. Petito, 22, died three to four weeks before her body was found near an undeveloped campsite along the border of Grand Teton National Park in remote northern Wyoming on Sept. 19, said Teton County medical examiner Dr. Brent Blue, in a press conference. It was not clear whether the investigation could lead to further charges against Petito’s friend and travel partner Brian Laundrie, who is believed to be a person of interest in her disappearance and is still missing. Blue declined to say more about the autopsy or the case as a whole, saying it was prevented by Wyoming law, which restricts what coroners can release.

EXPLANATION: Why the COLA will jump the social security next year

WASHINGTON (AP) – Rising inflation is projected to result in a substantial increase in the annual Cost of Living Adjustment for Social Security (COLA) for 2022. Exactly how much will be revealed on Wednesday morning following a Labor Department report on September inflation. a data point that will be used in the final calculation. For the past 10 years, social security COLA averaged around 1.7% per year as inflation remained low. However, the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in soaring prices for a wide variety of goods and services, and this is expected to result in larger checks for retirees. WHY ARE SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS ADJUSTED?

3 employees at gunshots in a post office in Memphis. killed

MEMPHIS, Tennessee (AP) – Two U.S. Postal Service employees were fatally shot and killed Tuesday at a Memphis postal facility and a third employee identified as the shooter died from a self-inflicted shot, authorities said. It was the third high-profile filming in or near this western Tennessee town in weeks. U.S. Postal Inspector Susan Link said the three postal workers were found dead after the shooting in the East Lamar Carrier annex in a prominent Memphis neighborhood. FBI spokeswoman Lisa-Anne Culp said the shooting was carried out by a third postal worker who shot himself. At a brief press conference late Tuesday afternoon, Link or Culp did not reveal any identities or motives.

To old go: Shatner, 90, inspires with real space travel

VAN HORN, Texas (AP) – As William Shatner prepares to beam up for his first real space flight on Wednesday and become the oldest person to ever step on the final frontier at 90, he brings awe to the little one Handful of people around a rural Texas spaceport. Shatner’s 10-minute journey with three others on the second passenger flight of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin will be more like the first space launches of the 1960s than the fictional galactic voyages of the spaceship Enterprise on “Star Trek,” but the idea of ​​Leaving the Atmosphere is powerful. “It is time for Captain Kirk to actually physically ascend into space.

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