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Updated Saturday, August 21, 2021 | 9:32 pm

Coastal evacuations as Hurricane Henri moves north

People evacuated popular beach communities and did last-minute runs on batteries and gasoline as Hurricane Henri edged closer to Long Island and southern New England, while officials begged the millions of people on the storm’s path to prepare for torrential rains and storm surges . Hurricane Henri was well on its way to clash with a long stretch of coastline late morning or afternoon on Sunday as hurricane warnings stretched from near the old whaling port of New Bedford, Massachusetts to the luxurious oceanfront properties of New York’s Hamptons by summer extended escape from island of fire. Intense winds and potentially dangerous tidal waves were expected as far as Cape Cod to the east and the New Jersey coast to the west, and utility companies warned that subsequent blackouts could last a week or even longer.

At least 8 dead in Tennessee flash floods; Dozens are missing

Waverly, Tennessee (AP) – Catastrophic flooding in Middle Tennessee left at least eight dead and dozens missing on Saturday as record-breaking rains washed away homes and highways, authorities said. Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis told news outlets that more than 30 people have been reported missing. Two of the bodies recovered were toddlers who were swept away by their father, Davis told WSMV-TV. The town of McEwen, in Humphreys County, about 80 kilometers west of Nashville, was hit by 43 centimeters of rain in less than a day, causing water rescues, road closures and disruptions to communications. That amount of rainfall broke the region’s 24-hour record of eight inches from 2010, according to the National Weather Service Nashville.

IS threat forces US changes to evacuations at Kabul airport

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – Potential Islamic State threats against Americans in Afghanistan are forcing the US military to develop new ways to get evacuees to the Kabul airport, a senior US official said on Saturday, adding to the already chaotic effort to add a new complication to getting people out of the country after it quickly fell to the Taliban. The official said small groups of Americans and possibly other civilians will be given specific instructions on what to do, including moving to transit points where they can be collected by the military. The officer spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss military operations.

Mask, vaccination conflicts lead to violence and harassment

PHOENIX (AP) – The lieutenant governor of Hawaii watched in horror as protesters appeared outside his apartment, shouted at him through megaphones and flashed strobe lights into the building to harass him about the need for vaccines. A parent in Northern California stormed into their daughter’s elementary school and slapped a teacher in the face over mask rules. At a school in Texas, a parent ripped a mask off a teacher’s face during a meet the teacher event. A Missouri hospital director was approached in a parking garage this week by an Alabama man who handed him papers accusing him of “crimes against humanity” and it was not the only face-to-face encounter with vaccines and masks.

Biden sees decline in support amid new COVID cases: AP-NORC survey

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Joe Biden faces a slump in summer, with Americans being far less positive about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his assessment of job admission. A new poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows 54% of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance, up from 59% last month. While this is still a relatively solid rating for a president in his first year in office, especially given the country’s deep political polarization, this is a worrying sign for Biden as he faces the biggest domestic and foreign policy challenges of his presidency to date.

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Mrs. Jacqueline about COVID. taken to the hospital

CHICAGO (AP) – Rev. Jesse Jackson, a famous civil rights activist and two-time presidential candidate, and his wife Jacqueline were hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19, according to a statement Saturday. Jesse Jackson, 79, is vaccinated against the virus and received his first dose in January during a publicized event when he urged others to get the vaccination as soon as possible. He and his wife, 77, are being treated at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. “Doctors are currently monitoring the condition of both of them,” said a statement from Jesse Jackson’s nonprofit Rainbow / PUSH Coalition. “There are no further updates at this point,” the statement said.

Henri thwarted the Central Park concert celebrating the resumption of the NYC virus

NEW YORK (AP) – A superstar-laden Central Park concert designed to celebrate New York City’s recovery from the coronavirus was canceled due to the storm as Hurricane Henri approached. Officials asked concert-goers to leave the park during the Barry Manilow set if there was a risk of lightning. New York City Police on Saturday night Twitter asked concertgoers “to go quietly to the nearest exits and to areas outside the park. This is NOT an emergency. “After some confusion over whether the concert could continue, Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted:” While it is disappointing that the concert had to end early tonight, the safety of everyone in attendance had to come first. “Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Jennifer Hudson, Carlos Santana, LL Cool J and Andrea Bocelli were among the artists at the highly acclaimed Homecoming Concert.

24 Palestinians and one Israeli police officer were injured in clashes on the border with the Gaza Strip

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) – Israeli gunfire injured 24 Palestinians on Saturday, including a 13-year-old boy who was shot in the head, health officials said. During the clashes on the Gaza-Israel border, an Israeli police officer was seriously injured by Palestinian gunfire. The violence broke out after hundreds of Palestinians took part in a demonstration organized by Hamas rulers in the Gaza Strip on Saturday to draw attention to a suffocating Israeli blockade of the territory. The demonstration turned violent after dozens of people approached the fortified border fence and threw stones and explosives at Israeli soldiers who spat from burning tires behind a black wall of smoke.

Hurricane Henri: What You Should Know As A Rare Cyclone Moves North

NEW YORK (AP) – While Hurricane Henri is heading for New York and New England, here’s everything you need to know about the tropical weather this weekend, but far from home: HUH, A HURRICANE IS STRIKING THE NORTH EAST? Probably! Rare tropical weather makes its way off the Atlantic coast of the United States destined for New York and New England – two regions that are not often home to tropical systems. WHICH AREAS SHOULD HENRI INFLUENCE? Right now it looks like New York’s Long Island and southern New England – Connecticut in particular. If New York landed, it would be the first time since Superstorm Sandy in 2012 that the state has suffered a direct hit during a hurricane season – the effects of which are still plaguing New York.

New wind lap is fueling the fury of the forest fire in Northern California

PLACERVILLE, Calif. (AP) – Crews dug and burned lines of fire that added to the fury of wildfire in northern California on Saturday amid yet another round of high winds. “We have a firefight ahead of us and the wind will make it very difficult today,” said Keith Wade, a spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Safety, or Cal Fire. The Caldor Fire in northern Sierra Nevada has already destroyed dozens of homes and authorities closed a 74-kilometer stretch of Interstate 50, the main route between the state capital Sacramento and Lake Tahoe on the Nevada state line, on Friday.

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