Al Roker returns to Today two weeks after prostate cancer surgery.  (Screenshot: show today)

Al Roker returns to Today 2 weeks after prostate cancer surgery

Al Roker has returned to the Today Show after prostate cancer surgery.

The 66-year-old weather man was livelier than ever on Monday when he returned to his home country just two weeks after the operation on the morning news broadcast to have his prostate and several lymph nodes removed. He shared a health update with viewers and said “I feel good” while joking and being his happy self.

Roker said he had “great surgeons” for his five-hour operation at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC on November 9th. He has been since then thanks to “lots of love from my family” including Ms. Deborah Roberts and his children as well as his current family.

“I feel good, I really do,” he said before joking that he felt even better after “taking the catheter out”.

Next, he continues to train, which he documents on social media. Then “the first week of January I’ll be doing blood tests, and hopefully my PSA,” or prostate-specific antigen, a protein made by normal cells in the prostate, “has gone down significantly. For the next five years I’ll be tested every six months . “

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Roker talked about all of the love he had received and called himself a “blessed man”. He added, “Usually when you get all this love, you’re dead. That’s happy. “

Al Roker returns to Today two weeks after prostate cancer surgery. (Screenshot: show today)

He also shared a funny message from his office before showing up for the first three hours of the shows on Monday, stating, “I’m backkkk!”

Roberts, who works for NBC rival ABC, shared sweet news when her husband also returned to work.

“Monday moment of gratitude. No matter which network you choose … there’s no denying that we all choose @alroker who offers a lesson in grace and grit. Glad to see you light up the morning TV again. I’ve never been so proud of you, love, “she wrote.

Roker shared his cancer journey with Today viewers. On November 6, he announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer, which was found during a routine September check-up, and that he was “a little aggressive”. So he had an operation to remove his prostate and some lymph nodes.

He was positive about it and said today, “I don’t want people to think, ‘Oh, poor Al’ because I’ll be fine.”

Along with his doctor Vincent Laudone, Roker remotely appeared on the show last week to share an update. Laudone said at this point, “everything looks very favorable,” “based on the course of the operation and based on his pathology report.”

Laudone also noted that “Al has no signs of cancer, but we will monitor him for a few more years.”

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