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Akuapem Poloo curses 3 female celebrities who rejoiced while she was in jail

Rosemond Brown aka ‘Akuapeem Poloo’

• Akuapem Poloo has cursed some Ghanaian celebrities for seeking doom while she was in prison

• According to her, these celebrities tried to prevent her from being released from prison

• She said that while these celebrities were rich, they envied her little accomplishments

Rosemond Brown, popularly known as “Akuapem Poloo”, has cursed some Ghanaian celebrities who they say were delighted to be arrested.

Akuapem Poloo, who appeared irritated in a video that went viral on social media, said she doesn’t understand why these lavish lifestyle celebrities will envy their little success.

Akuapem Poloo is remembered for two weeks in jail after the Accra District Court sentenced her to 90 days in prison for indecent exposure sometime in April 2021.

While some celebrities used social media to empathize with the actress and ask for money to care for their son, others remained silent on the subject.

But in a recent development, Akuapem Poloo has revealed that about three Ghanaian celebrities were doing everything in their power to prevent their release from prison at the time.

Although she didn’t mention any names, Akuapem said Polo;

“You people will suffer, I swear. You will pay for everything you did to me. Everything you people did to me. The shame and so on, you will pay for it. My god will judge you. My God will deal with you one by one. There are three of you. I went to my room naked and cried to God because I am a poor child who works hard to survive. Even though you have it all, you still sit in your expensive homes and stage evil against me. God will bring you all down and after that I will record a video and reveal your identity. “

It is worth remembering that Afia Schwarzzneger publicly condemned the #FreeAkuapemPoloo campaign on social media for claiming the actress failed to heed her previous warnings that could have prevented her going to jail.

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