Benzino Pleads Guilty In Felony Drug Case And Gets Sentenced To Two Years Of Probation

A Post From Benzino’s Instagram Account Alleges He Was In The Gwinnett County Jail Infirmary With A Tooth Stuck In His Hand Following A Prison Fight

Benzino is having a loooooooong week, Roomies! After being thrown in jail over the weekend due to an incident involving his on again, off again boo Althea Eaton, it looks like Benzino may have been involved in yet another sticky situation!

A post from Benzino’s Instagram account, presumably made by his son, alleges that Benzino found himself in the Gwinnett County Jail infirmary with a tooth stuck in his hand after he got into a fight with another inmate!

“My dad sent me this from the infirmary, he got into a fight with an inmate and is in 24 hour lockdown, the guy’s tooth got stuck in his hand, they are transferring him to another prison and should get bond,” the post claims. “If not he will be in for another 90 days. He just wants to thank his supporters and when he gets out he will tell his side of the story. #FREEBENZINO”

As we previously reported, Benzino was arrested after a man who was accompanying Althea on a walk alleges he threatened him and damaged his car! He was taken to Gwinnett County Jail in Georgia, where his bail was set at $8,450.