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A Countdown of Some of the Richest Music Celebrities of Out There

The music industry is full of some of the greatest musicians who have filled the hearts of the audience with melody and joy. Often, behind the glamor of their profession and their popularity, we sometimes wonder how much these music artists are worth. Let’s find out the top artists who are considered to be the richest in the industry.

Justin Bieber: Net worth $ 285 million

The 27-year-old artist has already sold a total of over 150 albums. His debut album received five platinum status. He has consistently done well on each of his releases, and his name at the top of the list should come as no surprise.

Mariah Carey: Net worth $ 320 million

Mariah Carey

Aside from the riches, she is also one of the best-selling artists of all time, according to Business Insider. She has been releasing hits since her debut. She became an artist who, after her release E = MC2 in 2008, earned the second most singles at number 1 in the outstanding history of pop music.

Ozzy Osbourne: $ 220 million net worth

Ozzy Osbourne

He is the godfather of metal and founder of his band Black Sabbath. The metal festival Ozzfest was founded by him together with his wife Sharon. Not only is his name included on the Rock & Roll Walk of Fame, but he has sold over 1,000 million copies of his albums worldwide.

Lady Gaga: $ 320 million net worth

Lady GagaLady Gaga

She is one of the most eccentric women in the music industry and wins hearts for her style, her music and above all her positivity and motivation. She became famous in 2008 with her debut album “The Fame” and reached number 2 on the Billboard 200 charts. She has expanded her brand not only in music but also as a producer, actress and fashion designer. She also won an Oscar for the original track of ‘A Star Is Born’, ‘Shallow’, in which she starred and was also nominated for an Oscar for best actress.

Jennifer Lopez: Net Worth of $ 400 Million

Jennifer Lynn Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is another all-rounder in the music industry. Her wealth comes from intensive participation in his singing and dance career, producer, actress, entrepreneur and songwriter. She also served as the judge’s seat at American Idol for many years for which she earned $ 12 a year.

Barbra Streisand: $ 400 million net worth

Barbra Streisand

Another iconic figure is not just a singer and songwriter, but also a producer, director, screenwriter, actor, and writer. She is the only person in the industry to have won all of the prestigious awards, Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Golden Globe, and Grammy. She also received the Chaplin Award from the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute, and the National Endowment for the Arts and Peabody.

Taylor Swift: $ 400 million net worth

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has also earned millions of hearts through her thriving music career. From record sales to sold out concerts to advertising deals, she quickly became one of the top members of that list. She does a great job with her collaboration with republic records which retains full ownership of all of her songs. She also re-released her previous 6 albums to let haters know who’s in charge.

Celine Dion: Net worth $ 450 million

Celine Dion

It is also one of the most successful stories in pop music history. Her income comes from music deals, album sales, and concerts with the recent Las Vegas residency, which earned her a lump sum. She will continue her Courage World Tour this year as well.

Victoria Beckham: Net worth of $ 450 million

Victoria Beckham

She first reached the music world as part of the hugely successful band Spice Girl. However, she later became a model, fashion designer and also a businesswoman. Her net worth is linked to that of her husband, David Beckham.

Beyoncé: Net worth $ 500 million


She started her career with the girls group Destiny’s Child and was very much appreciated for it. She then embarked on a hugely successful solo music career that continued to add to her legacy. She currently has a net worth of $ 500 million, which does not include the income of her husband, Jay-Z.

Elton John: Net worth $ 500 million

Elton John

He’s also one of Billboard’s Top 3 Best Music Artists of All Time. He has always shown an issuing personality, but since then he has grown into a more responsible person with a real interest in arts and real estate investing.

Bruce Springsteen: Net worth $ 500 million

He has 19 albums that have sold over 120 album copies around the world. he is also the recipient of 20 Grammy Awards. In 1999 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Madonna: Net worth $ 570 million

Madonna holds the Guinness World Record as the most successful female artist of all time. With 15 studio albums and a career spanning 4 decades, she is one of the richest music artists in the world. She has original works by Diego Rivera and Picasso in her collection.

Rihanna: $ 600 million net worth

In addition to a thriving music career, she also runs the successful makeup brand Fenty Beauty, which had sales of $ 558 in 2018. She also invested in fashion. Her hard work has paid off, and she was named the Richest Self-Made Woman in America by Forbes in 2020.

Jay-Z: $ 1 billion net worth

He is one of the most influential people in the music industry. Over the years he has led various business motives in the music industry, which have come off with flying colors and of course a lot of money.

Kanye West: $ 6.6 billion net worth

Kanye West is a multimillionaire with its music deals, concerts, album sales, sneaker deals, apparel partnerships and endless investments.

The above was just to name some of the most ridiculous music stars out there. If you’d like to add another name to the list, be our guest.

Alicia Parker is a fashion enthusiast graduating from the University of California. She contributes to Daily Music Roll as a music blogger and writes a daily review of various pieces of music

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