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What it would take for M-Sport to change its driver lineup – DirtFish

“There are a lot of comments on this but we have obligations to the riders that we have on the team and I think Malcolm [Wilson, managing director]The approach of is the same as I see it. When you commit to someone for the season, it’s fair to give them a chance for the season,” Millener replied.

“None of them don’t perform at all, they all perform in their own way, and we’ve championed people like Adrien a lot, we’ve championed Craig. I think sometimes if you jump too fast and change things, you never really figure out what could have been.

“We will make changes and we have made changes at the end of the season in the past when we don’t think it’s going in the right direction.

“We change, we move forward. New drivers keep coming.

“Do I think one of the other, more experienced drivers is the answer for us? I would only really change the line-up if we had someone we think could win the championship.

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