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Uefa U21 Euro 2023 qualification: Wales 0-1 Switzerland

Wales had beaten Gibraltar 7-0 in the previous game

Wales had to qualify for the Uefa 2023 European Under-21 Championship against Switzerland at the Rodney Parade in Newport.

Felix Mambimbi’s second-half goal marked the difference in Wales’ third Group E loss.

The hosts were denied a draw when Billy Sass-Davies’ header was late due to an alleged foul on Swiss defender Nicolas Vouilloz.

Wales created the most chances but did not make it into the net.

Paul Bodin’s team faced the group leader’s physicality and eight yellow cards were shown, five of them against Wales, with Ryan Astley, Owen Beck, Brandon Cooper, Terrence Taylor and Daniel Williams booked.

Wales stay fourth in Group E and their chances of progressing now seem slim.

The second leg awaits Wales if the qualifying campaign continues in Switzerland in March 2022.


Wales U21

formation 4-3-3





  • 1Ratcliffe
  • 2AstleyBooked at 48 minutes
  • 4thSass-Davies
  • 5cooperBooked at 90 minutes
  • 14thBeckBooked at 59 minutes
  • 11AdamsReplaced byJonesat 74 ‘protocol
  • 6thWilliamsBooked at 69 minutes
  • 8thTaylorBooked at 59 minutes
  • 7thPearson
  • 9JephcottReplaced byHughesat 82 ‘protocol
  • 10valleyReplaced byDaviesat 75 ‘protocol


  • 3Jones
  • 12thShepperd
  • 13thBoyes
  • fifteenDavies
  • 16Hughes
  • 17thking
  • 18thWilliams-Margetson
  • 19thHammond
  • 21stWebb

Switzerland U21

formation 4-3-1-2






  • 12thmutton
  • 13thGantenbeinBooked at 3 minutes
  • 4thVouilloz
  • 2Husic
  • 17thCrowned
  • 8thJankewitzReplaced bymenat 75 ‘protocolBooked at 76 minutes
  • 6thSohm
  • 11MambimbiReplaced byBarèsat 74 ‘protocolBooked at 90 minutes
  • 22ndRieder
  • 14thNdoyeReplaced byLungoyiat 90 + 6 ‘protocol
  • 10AmdouniReplaced byStojilkovicat 83 ‘protocol


  • 3Müller
  • 7thLungoyi
  • 9Stojilkovic
  • fifteenBarès
  • 16Schupbach
  • 18thKrasniqi
  • 19thmen
  • 21stbasement, cellar
  • 23Antunes

Referee: Manfredas Lukjancukas

Live text

  1. End of game, Wales U21 0, Switzerland U21 1.

  2. Second half ends, Wales U21 0, Switzerland U21 1.

  3. Brandon Cooper (Wales U21) is shown the yellow card.

  4. Substitution, Switzerland U21. Christopher Lungoyi replaces Dan Ndoye.

  5. Gabriel Barès (Switzerland U21) is shown the yellow card.

  6. Substitution, Switzerland U21. Filip Stojilkovic replaces Zeki Amdouni.

  7. Substitution for Wales U21. Rhys Hughes replaces Luke Jephcott.

  8. Darian Males (Switzerland U21) is shown the yellow card.

  9. Substitution for Wales U21. Isaak Davies replaces Jack Vale.

  10. Substitution, Switzerland U21. Darian Males replaces Alexandre Jankewitz.

  11. Substitution for Wales U21. Edward Jones replaces Joe Adams.

  12. Substitution, Switzerland U21. Gabriel Barès replaces Felix Mambimbi.

  13. Daniel Williams (Wales U21) is shown the yellow card.

  14. Terry Taylor (Wales U21) is shown the yellow card.

  15. Owen Beck (Wales U21) is shown the yellow card.

  16. Target! Wales U21 0, Switzerland U21 1. Felix Mambimbi (Switzerland U21) hits the center of the goal with a left footed shot from the center of the box. Supported by Dan Ndoye.

  17. Ryan Astley (Wales U21) is shown the yellow card.

  18. Second half begins Wales U21 0, Switzerland U21 0.

  19. First half ends, Wales U21 0, Switzerland U21 0.

  20. Adrian Gantenbein (Switzerland U21) is shown the yellow card.

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