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The businesswoman who is energizing the sports industry.

Old Tradford grounds. The stadium is home to Manchester United, who have partnered with Wow Hydrate.WOW hydrate

By Joseph Hammond

Queenie Porter has set her sights on becoming the next leading female leader in women’s sport. The 33-year-old’s rapid rise to success was her involvement with WOW HYDRATE. The brand’s range of sugar-free sports drinks is becoming increasingly popular in the world of sports nutrition and the company has signed major contracts with some of the biggest names in sport. Last week it was announced that WOW HYDRATE had signed a deal with Manchester United, arguably one of the most well-known Premier League football clubs in the world. Queenie commented: “The Manchester United deal is the biggest deal in sport I can imagine.”

It’s a great partnership for WOW HYDRATE that we’re really excited about.” On how the deal came together, she said, “It was surprisingly the quickest deal we’ve ever done.” It just It took six weeks, but our approach and focus spoke for themselves. While this is a great success for our brand, we have always focused on the grassroots consumer and also supported the lower levels and women’s football – we are just as proud of that.” The original founder of WOW HYDRATE developed the product when he was on the Couldn’t find a healthy hydration drink on the market that wasn’t dairy-based, as is the case with many typical protein drinks. Queenie joined the company in 2018 and within three years WOW HYDRATE was on the shelves of many major retailers including Tesco, ASDA and COSTCO stores.

The Manchester United pairing is set to launch a dual-brand addition to the range next year, further expanding options for consumers. With the development of new products every year, creative elements are added in addition to research, the study of consumer trends and ongoing blind tastings. It’s also always helpful to have the support of big brand ambassadors like undefeated heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, who loved the lemon, lime and orange electrolyte products during the sampling phase. The champion now regularly consumes the drinks during training and can often be seen in interviews with a drink in his hand. However, it hasn’t always been easy – developing meaningful partnerships and ensuring collaboration is mutually beneficial requires clear vision and direction.

“The biggest challenge so far has been dealing with big brands and celebrities who would like to work with us. We need to make sure we understand their brand as well as ours – the two need to be an authentic fit. Admittedly, “finding a niche in a saturated sports drink market was also a challenge, but fortunately, with a great team behind us, we were able to think outside the box and succeed,” said Porter. Reflecting on her own journey within the company, she described how she started in a completely different industry before joining WOW HYDRATE: “I went from fashion to food. I went from negotiating accessories and travel for TopShop to working in the food industry. Working in the fashion industry, where margins are very tight, has taught me a lot. I also think working with glamorous fashion brands prepared me for working with prominent names in sport.”

Not bad for someone who left school at sixteen to pursue a career in fashion. Today, at just 33 years old, Queenie is one of the youngest emerging female leaders in the world of sport and is feeling at home. “Growing up, I always loved sport and moving from fashion into this industry was a dream job. It has been a real honor to be able to use my negotiation and commercial skills to help WOW HYDRATE lead and grow.”

was crucial to the rise of WOW Hydrate.Electric house

The partnership with Manchester United has led her to the board of that organization. She is now also Vice President of West Ham United FC Women. Not all clubs in the UK recognize the business opportunities of women’s football and are slow to develop corporate governance structures.

Queenie believes there is still a lot of growing to do. In fact, the experience of American sports could help spur this development. While in the United States attending sporting events is often largely a family affair, in the United Kingdom it is still largely a “male culture”, often involving alcohol and gambling. Queenie believes there is room for everyone in sport. “I think the most important factor in the success of women’s sport is understanding that women’s and men’s football do not have to be the same. The men’s game can be an intimidating experience for fans in the UK. If women’s football has a different identity from a business perspective, that also means different commercial partners and sponsorship opportunities that don’t exist in men’s football.”

In the meantime, WOW HYDRATE is not finished yet and plans to evolve and evolve. On the topic of sustainability and shifting health goals, she said: “We continue to be aware of consumer trends and where health and other conversations are moving – that’s why we have the trust of so many professional athletes and millions of consumers.”

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