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Sweeney adds 15 recruiting class by 2022

MANHATTAN, Kan. – For the first of three commitment periods for the Kansas State rowing team, head coach Patrick Sweeney announced the admission of 15 student athletes to the 2022 recruitment class.

The 2022 recruitment class consists of three commitment periods in autumn, winter and spring. These athletes want to set new standards for basic fitness, strength, flexibility and hectic pace.

“The new class is doing well. This class has the potential to have a significant impact on our program. We look forward to the strength and athleticism that will join the team over the next year,” said Sweeney. “Our recruiting team (Assistant Coach Hanna Wiltfong and assistant coach Noelle Dykmann) have done an incredible job connecting with great athletes and helping them seize this opportunity. You did a great job moving the program forward. I  -preciate your dedication to the program and how much you do to build this team every year. “

K-State has enjoyed the opportunity to take talented athletes and turn them into competitive rowers on the water. The Wildcats have continued to pave the way for recruits interested in becoming a Division I athlete in one of the busiest rowing programs in the Midwest.

“This course reminds us how much fun personal recruiting can be! These athletes come to the program with a multisport background and incredible personality, ”said Wiltfong. “This early engagement group is just the beginning, and we pride ourselves on the speed, athleticism, and high academic standards they will add to the K-State Rowing team. Every single athlete who sign up for this program does so in knowing that rowing “is going to be a challenge. It is this courage that defines our program. It is this bold competitiveness that drives K-State Rowing by teaching a new sport each year. These are well rounded athletes and great students and we can’t wait to see what they can do in the same boat. Take the challenge, bring the cats! “

The emphasis on recruiting young talent has also paid off for K-State in their search for the next row of oars.

“I have had the opportunity to work with these athletes since they were junior,” explains Dykmann. “It was a privilege to interact with them over time. We overcame the challenges of virtual recruiting together and they continued to trust the process. It was so rewarding to finally get them on campus and see how they are committed to our program. Every year we seek athletes who are ready to take on this challenge. It requires a strong work ethic and a high level of assertiveness to be successful in this program. If we have entered this class so far look, we already see a high level of athletic commitment group has great potential and we are excited to see how they will enrich the team. “

Below is a list of all 15 commitments for the 2022 recruitment class:

Stevi Cochran makes her way to Manhattan after taking on the Olathe West High School basketball team. Lenexa, Kansas Native American says, “I chose to row in K-State because it’s a great opportunity to learn something new and represent Kansas State as an athlete. I also loved the coaches and the girls on the team so I’m so excited to meet everyone. “

Sylvia Cunningham was a three-sport athlete from Stanton, Nebraska who competed in volleyball, basketball, and track and field. Says the Stanton High School alumni, “Joining the team will enrich my K-State experience as I will automatically start with a family of people in the same boat as me, a group of girls who have never been before Rowing will also add a sense of normality and routine to my college life that I find in high school playing sports. “

Ellie Erwin is the only commit with rowing experience. Saint Henry District High School alumni competed rowing in Walton, Kentucky. Erwin explains: “I already know how much I love being part of a team. The structure and community it adds to my life is second to none. I know that being on the team will enrich my experience at K-State by always being supportive of me. I need.”

Grace hall, from Overland Park, Kansas, is not new to the sports community. Playing soccer and basketball for Mother of Divine Grace, Hall says, “K-State Rowing will challenge me and will benefit me next year by competing against high-profile athletes who have the same goal as me. I will have to challenge myself every day to maintain the high standards and expectations of being a rower, but this hard work and discipline will serve me well for the rest of my life. The skills learned as a disciplined athlete are valuable in every aspect of life . “

Coming from Spring Hill, Kansas Lorelei Harris played basketball and ran athletics at Spring Hill High School. Harris told K-State, “I know rowing will challenge me physically and mentally, but I’m ready for the challenge! I hope to learn a lot about myself and grow through this program. “

The 2022 recruitment class is supplemented by Jenna Hayes. Hayes is from Abilene, Kansas and served on the basketball, volleyball, and softball teams at Abilene High School. Says Abilene Local, “Rowing will push my body to the limit and it’s a brand new sport. The hardest part, in my opinion, will be learning the techniques of this new sport and then trying to compete in Division 1. The great thing about rowing are teammates and coaches who support me. I also have good access to tutors and university places. “

Emma Johnson played volleyball and basketball at Powell County High School. Montana Deer Lodge says, “I made the decision to row in K-State because I was looking for a new way to challenge myself and loved the feel of the campus and the program.”

From Kansas City, Kansas Julie Jones was a volleyball player and track and field athlete from Piper High School. The KC native says, “K-State Rowing will definitely push me out of my comfort zone, physically and mentally. This will be a huge motivator for me and I know that with this program I will grow so much.”

Anna Lively, of Norton, Kansas, says, “I chose rowing at K-State because I loved the atmosphere and the sense of integration I felt when I visited. I’m also excited because I think it is will be a different kind of challenge. ” Lively was an athletics and volleyball player at Norton Community High School.

Hannah Martisko ran cross country and athletics and played basketball at Inman High School. From Inman, Kansas, Martisko explains, “I’ve been involved in exercise my entire life and I look forward to continuing it in college. It’s exciting to know I’ll be part of a great program like the Kansas State women’s rowing team. “

After competing in volleyball, basketball, and track and field at Fairbury Jr. Sr. High School, Karly McCord comes from Fairbury, Nebraska to K-State. McCord says, “I decided to give rowing a try because I had been wanting to go to K-State since 5th grade and that was my ticket. I was really convinced when I came to visit because everyone was so friendly and were super open about how to do it, they made their decision to try rowing as well.

Sienna Pargiter-Walker was a four-sport athlete at Roaring Fork High School. A native of Carbondale, Colo., Who has participated in soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track and field, stated, “Joining the K-State rowing team will enrich my experience as I can participate in a team sport that has the support of my coaches and teammates . It will also allow me to immediately get accepted into K-State and become part of the Wildcat family. It will instantly put you in an environment of support, friendship and teamwork. “

Izzy Ross, from St. Louis, Missouri, comes to the K-State after competing in track and field and basketball at Clayton High School. Ross says, “K-state rowing will be challenging and beneficial for me next year because it will help me get out of my comfort zone mentally, socially, and physically!”

Makenzie Storm is from Webb City, Missouri and is no stranger to water. After swimming at Webb City High School and playing volleyball, Storm states, “I will be challenged mentally and physically, but already being part of a college attending community will be very beneficial.”

From Baldwin City, Kansas and Baldwin City High School alumni, Emily Taylor is a retired basketball and track and field athlete. Taylor says, “I’m excited to be a D1 athlete because it gives me the opportunity to bring myself to become the best athlete I can be and part of an impressive group of women.”

The Wildcats will kick off the Spring 2022 campaign on Saturday (March 5) at the OU Scrimmage in Norman, Oklahoma.

K-State Rowing 2022 recruitment class

  • Stevi Cochran, Lenexa, Kansas, Olathe West High School
  • Sylvia Cunningham, Stanton, Nebraska, Stanton High School
  • Ellie Erwin, Walton, Kentucky, Saint Henry District High School
  • Grace Hall, Overland Park, Kansas, Mother of Divine Grace
  • Lorelei Harris, Spring Hill, Kansas, Spring Hill High School
  • Jenna Hayes, Abilene, Kansas, Abilene High School
  • Julie Jones, Kansas City, Kansas, Piper High School
  • Emma Johnson, Deer Lodge, Montana, Powell County High School
  • Anna Lively, Norton, Kansas, Norton Community High School
  • Hannah Martisko, Inman, Kansas, Inman High School
  • Karly McCord, Fairbury, Nebraska, Fairbury Jr. Sr. High School
  • Sienna Pargiter-Walker, Carbondale, Colorado, Roaring Fork High School
  • Izzy Ross, St. Louis, Missouri, Clayton High School
  • Makenzie Storm, Webb City, Missouri, Webb City High School
  • Emily Taylor, Baldwin City, Kansas, Baldwin City High School

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