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Shanahan’s Domsohn lives the ultimate dream of the multi-athlete – PA Prep Live

By Peter DiGiovanni
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It is a dream of most high school athletes to win a county championship. Well, Bishop Shanahan senior Zane Domsohn won two District 1 titles in seven days as a star striker for the boys’ soccer team and as a kicker for the 4A championship soccer team. Domsohn also has a chance of winning a state championship in football if the Eagles can go to Hershey.

Domsohn is the heart of the soccer team and is the focus of most opponents. But when some of the soccer coaches spoke to Domsohn’s mother Trish at a basketball tournament this summer and told her the soccer team needed a table, Domsohn’s soccer career was born.

“I hadn’t thought about soccer, but my mother said the coaches had told her they needed a table football game, so I spoke to coach (Paul) Meyers and he said I should come and try it out for the team”, said Domsohn. I’ve always done a lot of sports since I was a kid because I love to do sports, so I was excited to be on the soccer team.

“It was an incredible feeling to win two district championships. I’ve always wanted one in football, but getting two in a week is a special feeling. After beating Chichester in the semi-finals, Coach Meyers told the team on the field that we have a man who can win two district championships and the guys have all gathered around me and screwed me with it. I really felt part of the soccer team that week. “

As a star soccer player and in winter as a starting point guard on the basketball team, he was a choice for basketball in the All-Ches-Mont League last year. Playing multiple sports has put Domsohn in a lot of pressure situations which helps him when he scores a critical field goal. Domsohn is used to being in the limelight and the other sporting experiences have definitely helped him with his foosball tasks.

“I train with the soccer team, but I go to the soccer field a couple of times a week,” said Domsohn. “And people think that if you can play soccer, you can kick a soccer ball, but it’s a completely different technique and situation. Being under pressure in various sports helps me a lot on the soccer field. “

Domsohn will play football in college although the striker has not yet made his choice. For the time being, the soccer, football and basketball player will give everything for all three teams and, as a true three-sport athlete who loves competition and camaraderie, hopes to be on a team with others, everyone is eager to top up his personal box of medals to do their best and bring glory to their school.

That is what high school sport should be about and Domsohn is a shining example of a real student athlete who lives a young person’s dream every day. In three sports.

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