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FIFA is studying the impact of playing domestic matches abroad

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image description, Gianni Infantino was elected FIFA President in 2016

  • Author, Simon Stone
  • Role, Chief football news reporter
  • 50 minutes ago

The world football association Fifa wants to set up a working group to deal with the effects of staging national competition games abroad.

A legal settlement agreed between FIFA and match organizer Relevant Sports in the US has, in the words of Premier League chief executive Richard Masters, “left the door open” for league games to be played in different countries.

While the Premier League says it has no plans to do so, despite being the initiators of the infamous ’39th’ idea during Richard Scudamore’s tenure. Match,” La Liga is already planning overseas games for the 2025-26 season.

FIFA had previously opposed the idea, believing it had the potential to deprive domestic clubs of valuable funding.

However, the matter was discussed at Wednesday’s council meeting in Bangkok when it was agreed to set up a working group to “gather further information and make recommendations” and also study the impact on host countries.

Before making a decision, FIFA would like to consider issues such as how long it will take to announce the fixture list, the impact on the balance of sporting competition and the impact on the development of football in the host countries.

The council said any proposal would need to take into account various factors, including “whether adequate arrangements have been made to enable fans of teams playing a scheduled match outside their own territory to attend the match in the host country”.

Relevant Sports had pushed the idea of ​​playing overseas games in the United States by creating the International Champions Cup before the season. They also attempted to host an Ecuador League match in the United States in 2019, but this was blocked by FIFA.

Last summer they promoted the six-team Premier League summer series with Chelsea, Newcastle, Aston Villa, Brighton, Fulham and Brentford.

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