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Australian Supercars driver vows to NEVER return to the sport after bullying drove her to lucrative OnlyFans career

By Andrew Prentice for Daily Mail Australia

01:46 May 25, 2024, updated 01:46 May 25, 2024

  • Renee Gracie, 29, finishes her V8 elite races in Australia
  • Currently competing in the GT World Challenge Australia championship
  • OnlyFans founder finds that women are not respected in motorsport

Australian Supercars driver and current OnlyFans creator Renee Gracie has declared that she will never return to the V8 grid because she feels disrespected.

Gracie, 29, has competed in the Bathurst 1000 twice but is now more comfortable behind the wheel in the GT World Challenge Australia championship.

The self-confessed porn star described the challenges she faced in motorsport in the new Stan documentary Revealed – Renee Gracie: Fireproof.

“No, I would definitely not accept that,” said Gracie when asked if she would ever consider accepting a wildcard to compete at Mount Panorama again.

“I am happy in the GT category and the GT is my place and my home.”

Australian Supercars driver and now OnlyFans creator Renee Gracie has declared she will never return to the V8 racing series (pictured at Mount Panorama in Bathurst). The 29-year-old adult content creator feels disrespected as a female athlete in elite V8 circles. Gracie also feels women are generally not valued in professional Australian motorsport

“I just think the GT cars are better, they are much more fun for me as a driver, they are really challenging and super fast.”

Gracie, who began creating adult content in 2019, also believes that women are not valued in elite motorsport circles.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think much has changed in Australia with regard to women in general,” she told News Corp.

“The way people react online and the way women are treated, the way people comment, and instead of saying, ‘I hope she crashes and burns’ … it would be good if the governing bodies, whatever category that woman is in, were protected.”

“Naturally [personally] I’ve been targeted because I have OnlyFans as a sponsor and because I am who I am, and that’s totally fine… I’m happy to take the criticism.

“But I was personally bullied, and to this day people still call me fat and ugly.”

She described her move into adult content creation as “life-changing” – and has no regrets about the move that made Gracie a highly polarizing figure.

Gracie is also believed to have her father’s support when it comes to explicit content, as he “manages her business accounts and therefore knows exactly what is going on.”

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