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Community sport will wait “weeks” for the instructions for the vaccination certificate

Instructions on vaccination certificates for community sports for weeks.

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Instructions on vaccination certificates for community sports for weeks.

Community sport has to wait weeks for the certainty of the Covid-19 vaccination certificates, as summer sport begins in warning level 2 regions.

In a statement from the Prime Minister’s and Cabinet’s Department (DPMC) to Stuff, a spokesman said that guidance on the new traffic light system, which was announced by the government almost two weeks ago, is still in progress.

The country will not move into the new framework until a vaccination rate of 90 percent has been achieved by the district health authorities. The new framework, which includes vaccination certificates, will limit those who are not vaccinated.

A new

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A new “traffic light” system for coping with Covid-19 will – at some point – replace the existing warning levels.

The spokesman said more information will be available in the “coming weeks following further decisions by ministers” and reiterated the need for “New Zealand to be highly vaccinated”.

“Vaccination offers freedom and protection, more security for everyone and will reduce the disruption that COVID has caused in our lives,” the spokesman said.

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Starting Wednesday, those in Waikato will be able to participate in community sports under Warning Level 2 restrictions, and gatherings of up to 25 can take place starting next week when Auckland moves to Level Two of Warning Level 3.

Under the current Level 2 Alert settings, sports clubrooms that are not “food or beverage companies” have a limit of 100 people, while those licensed for liquor or serving food “must follow hospitality rules,” the DPMC spokesman said .

Those who visit sports club rooms where food and drinks are offered have to distance themselves socially and sit while eating and drinking. Table service is also required and all workers facing the customer must wear a mask.

Under the new traffic light regime, hospitality events – to which some sports club rooms  -ply – will be restricted if vaccination certificates are not used.

Opening up club rooms is important to Bowls New Zealand CEO Mark Cameron.

“We took this stance so we could open our stores – bowling clubs are as much about hospitality as they are about sports – we need to adopt the vaccination certification  -proach.

“If Bowls NZ does that, it will flow into the community.”

Bowls New Zealand CEO Mark Cameron said those wishing to attend next year's Nationals will need to get vaccinated.


Bowls New Zealand CEO Mark Cameron said those wishing to attend next year’s Nationals will need to get vaccinated.

While the guidelines for community sports are weeks away, Bowls New Zealand has outlined its stance on vaccination certificates. Vaccination certificates are required to participate in the upcoming national championships in January and February.

“Our community was waiting for a direction, but we made this call. We have chosen this hospitable  -proach that many sports do not, need or cannot use. That makes it easier for us, ”he said.

“We’re only going to use bowling clubs … that require a vaccination card. If we do not take this stance, there will be no Nationals under red and amber [traffic lights]. “

Touch NZ is still waiting for government instructions before making a decision on vaccination certificates.

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Touch NZ is still waiting for government instructions before making a decision on vaccination certificates.

Touch season has started in certain parts of the country too, but it’s not that easy for Touch boss Joe Sprangers, who is still waiting for government advice.

“We will follow these guidelines and instructions when they are published. On the other hand, we are an inclusive sport and pride ourselves on being available to everyone.

“We cannot form a position until it is clarified. We are a summer sport, community-based, very inclusive. You tell me how we keep unvaccinated people from going to a touch module when there isn’t a single entry point? “

Last Friday, in an email to the sports sector, Raelene Castle said “This is clearly a frustrating situation for all of us” and acknowledged the “significant challenges” the sports sector is facing.

She admitted that Sport NZ “… has not been able to provide the clarity we want and  -preciates how immensely difficult it is to plan for the future right now. It is a priority for us to relieve the pressure where we can …

“In order to improve our ability to incorporate and support the sector context in decision-making, we have delegated one of our policy teams to the DPMC. Hopefully this will build closer ties between our respective teams, ”she said.

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