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Bower scores 19th WMR triumph

Blake Bower on the road to victory. (Marysville Raceway Photo)

MARYSVILLE, Calif. – Western Midget Racing 2021, presented by Masters Design and Construction Champion Blake Bower, won his 19th career feature Saturday night in Marysville and equaled an all-time winning streak in the production-powered Midgets with David Prickett.

The win also ended Bower’s third straight WMR weekend, taking him to 11 wins in the 2022 streak.

“It feels great. There’s a lot of work in these cars. We just had to hit our targets all night. (All the restarts) started to get on my nerves. But that’s just part of it and that makes you better,” Bower said.

Bryant Bell and Logan Mitchell split the eight-lap races. Three incidents slowed attempts to get the feature going. Cory Brown rolled over at Turn One, ending a challenging weekend for the long No. 32 Blud Lubricants drag driver.

On the next attempt, Bower slid sideways, catching up with Mitchell. Both were able to continue after the warning fell. Bell stalled at turn one on the third restart, sparking a multi-car melee.

Greg Jewett rolled over while Nate Wait, Kyle Hawse and Nick Van Atta also suffered a late-race crash. 360 Sprint Car winner Casey Schmitz retired under the red flag with a fuel pump problem.

Adam Teves led for the first three laps before Bower found the long way around the top of turn one and stormed past Teves to lead lap four. Bell spun on lap one for an extra caution that produced a green and white checkered finish. Bower held off Teves, Bell and Rancho Cordova’s Craig Holsted for the win. Mitchell finished fifth.

The end:

Feature (16 rounds): 1st 9 Blake Bower, 2nd 35s Adam Teves, 3rd 09 Bryant Bell, 4th 42 Craig Holsted, 5th 96x Logan Mitchell, 6th 35 Ron Singh, 7th 20w Nate Wait, 8th 12 Greg Jewett, 9. 20 Kyle Hawse, 10. X Nick Van Atta, 11. 11 Casey Schmitz, 12. 32 Cory Brown

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