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Becky Lynch: Wrestling is 100 percent art and sport

R.ebecca Quin is a 34 year old Irish woman, perh -s better known as Becky Lynch, and she is currently the female face of Monday Night Raw as a six-time WWE World Champion.

No opponent could outdo her, and she has even made  -pearances in film and television productions like on the big screen Vikings, Billions and The Marine 6. She spoke to MARCA for an exclusive interview.

In wrestling, how important is it to be careful with your opponents, but also to hit them as hard as you can? Is your sport an art too?

Absolutely, 100 percent. I think obsessively about and how I can improve myself and the industry. Since I’ve come back, I’ve wanted to be better than ever.

You recently posted a photo of your first fight 19 years ago on Twitter in 2002. What do you remember? Did you all expect such a successful career?

Yes, I imagined it. I’ve been waiting for this, but you never know where you’ll end up. It was what I wanted to do and what I dreamed of, but of course you always doubt yourself as a person. You have this little thing inside of you that says, “Let’s be realistic”.

Both The Rock and John Cena have had huge hits in Hollywood, but so are you. Do you want to do more of that after wrestling on shows like Billions?

I love acting and I got my degree so I try to take advantage of the opportunities that arise. We have ‘Rumble’, an animated film that will be out on Paramount in January or February that I’m participating in. But now I’ll stay in the ring until I run out of breath.

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