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LIC IPO Check GMP and List Price

Shares in India’s biggest IPO, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), could start listing on public exchanges next week. The shares were allocated to the holders.

The listing of the IPO of LIC can take place tomorrow, ie April 17th. Shares of LIC IPO are expected to be listed on the stock exchanges tomorrow. According to market experts, the GMP of LIC’s IPO on Sunday was minus 13.

Apart from that, investors who could not get a share allotment were reimbursed on May 14th and 15th. On the other hand, on Monday, ie May 16, shares can be credited to the demat account of eligible investors. This IPO can be listed in the market on May 17th.

According to market experts, LIC IPO shares are trading at Rs 936 on Sunday (May 15) in the gray market. If the GMP does not change in the coming days, the shares can be listed on the stock exchange at the same price.

LIC has allotted IPO shares from Rs 949 to investors at the higher end of the price range. At the same time, LIC offered its policyholders and employees a discount on the IPO. LIC has given policyholders a rebate of Rs 60 per share and LIC employees a rebate of Rs 45 on IPO shares.

On the other hand, investors who have been allotted IPO shares with no discount will benefit easily. Because GMP has been running negative for a few days. However, policyholders and employees could potentially receive listing benefits as they have been allocated shares at a discount. But you can’t say that for sure.

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