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‘New World’ Permabans 1,660 Duper in the race to save its economy

New world


The greatest enemy of the New World is not the corrupt demons that populate the landsc -e, but the scourge of item dupers, who have wreaked havoc since the game started.

There were so many New World duping exploits around at the time that it is difficult to keep track of them all. I think we’re up to 5 or 6 different big ones at this point, with the latest furniture-based duping exploit resulting in Amazon having to shut down the entire economy of the game before it got out of hand, which isn’t the first time we have they did that.

But as part of their big new drive for full communication, they spoke about the problem, what they went to do to solve it, and its ongoing effects. In a new blog post, they revealed the following:

  • A first pass at Dupern banned 1200 players and removed 80% of the dumped items and coins from the economy.
  • A second pass that h -pened yesterday locked an additional 460 players and they now believe they got 98% of the duplicated coins and items from the economy. The remaining 2% comes from players who  -peared to have cheated by mistake, but did not repeatedly exploit the mechanic and were not banned.

Amazon continues to talk about what this did to the game as the perception is that a large percentage of mature endgame players must have cheated to get there. But they say that after all these bans that is not the case.

New world


  • 9.1% of level 60 players have at least one 600 GS item equipped.
  • 5.8% of level 60 players have at least one Void Item.
  • Only 2.4% of level 60 players have a full set of 600 GS armor.

These are supposed to be the “legitimate” numbers after the bad actors are removed. So if you see people at this level with this gear they should have legitimately received it by now, and they are not a huge percentage of the level 60 population, as you can see.

Before that, the fate of the Duper was a little unclear, and the community rallied to get Amazon to make them too permanent. And that is exactly what Amazon did and afterwards cleared up the chaos. The economy  -pears to be largely stabilized for now, and while it is probably only a matter of time before the next Dupe exploit is found, players now for sure know that you can be permanently banned from using, so it is Probably not worth the risk. A h -py ending for everyone.

Now for the other problems of the game …

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