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Biden’s approval rating rises as voters rate stronger economy: poll

President Biden’s approval rating rose slightly as voters give the president higher marks on the economy and jobs, according to a poll out Monday.

The Harvard C`S-Harris Poll poll provided to The Hill found Biden received a 45 percent approval rating, slightly higher than a similar poll in October in which 44 percent of respondents gave him a “thumbs up.” .

But those numbers are higher than in September, when he received a 42 percent approval rating.

The poll found that 44 percent of respondents approved of Biden’s handling of the economy, up from 41 percent last month. Half of respondents agreed with his approach to stimulating workplaces, up from 49 percent in October.

The president also saw a 1 percentage point increase in respondents’ assessment of his handling of foreign affairs, the administration of the government, his response to COVID-19, his handling of violence and crime in the country, and the war between Israel and of Hamas.

The rise in Biden’s ratings comes as voters in the survey reported better attitudes toward the economy. According to the poll, 42 percent of voters think the U.S. economy is strong today, the highest level since February. Likewise, 30 percent say their personal financial situation is improving – an increase of six percentage points since July, according to the survey – and 47 percent say they are optimistic about their life in the next year – an increase of four percent since last month, according to the survey.

Still, bigger questions remain about whether this will result in Biden garnering enough support for a second term.

“We saw a slight improvement in approval of Biden among voters as there were some improving economic numbers. “But this has not translated into increased support for Biden because of major concerns about his age and dissatisfaction with his presidency, which he has not yet turned around,” said Mark Penn, co-director of the Harvard C`S-Harris poll.

The Harvard C`S-Harris Poll was conducted Nov. 15-16 with 2,851 registered voters. It is a collaboration between the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University and the Harris Poll.

The survey is an online sample drawn from the Harris Poll and weighted to reflect known demographics. Because this is a representative online sample, no probability confidence interval is provided.

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