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Young voters abandon Biden in favor of Trump because of poor economy and Israel

US News

May 25, 2024, 10:17 a.m. ET

According to a poll, Biden is losing a whopping 11 percentage points to Trump among 18- to 34-year-olds.
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Young voters are abandoning President Biden in droves and switching to former President Trump – experts and the core demographic group attribute this to inflation, the bleak job market and Israel.

Biden’s loss of votes among young people was reflected in a New York Times/Sienna poll last week. When asked: “If you had to choose between the two today, would you be more likely to vote [Trump or Biden]“- 46% of voters ages 18 to 29 said Trump, while only 43% chose Biden.

A CNN poll released last month found that Biden lost a whopping 11 percentage points to Trump among 18- to 34-year-old voters.

Polls show that President Biden is having a hard time reaching younger voters. Aaron Schwartz / CNP / SplashNews.com

The numbers represent a shocking reversal for the president – ​​in 2020, Biden won the country’s youngest voters by a convincing 24 percentage points.

“For young people, it’s primarily the job market. For most graduates leaving school this year, it’s impossible to find a job,” said Annie Rogers, an economic development analyst who now lives on the Upper West Side. She voted for Biden when she was 18, but now supports Trump.

“I was fired from my first job out of college because the economy and the market in the U.S. were very difficult for many industries,” Rogers said. “There was no real progress in changing things, and that’s a big reason why young people want to vote for Trump.”

Rogers attributed her vote in 2020 to being surrounded by “liberals” at Cornell – and her frustration at losing her college experience due to the coronavirus lockdowns.

During Biden’s presidency, monthly inflation approached 10%.

Although the situation has now cooled down, prices for everyday goods, including gasoline and food, remain high.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned in February that high prices could be the norm for the foreseeable future.

Biden’s allies are quick to point out that the United States is not in a recession, even though more than half of Americans believe it is – and blame Biden, according to a Harris Guardian poll released Wednesday.

According to recent polls, Donald Trump is receiving a double-digit share of the vote among young people.

“For someone like me who is a net saver, the economy is good,” said James Carville, 79, a veteran Democratic strategist. “But if you’re a net borrower, say 26 or 27, you have little hope of buying a home given the interest rates and insurance premiums.”

“And these schools cost $75,000 a year in tuition – who the hell can send someone to college anymore,” Carville added.

Biden has also come under criticism for his stance on Israel’s war against Hamas terrorists.

Young voters say the economy and Israel are fueling discontent. `

Biden won an easy victory in the 2024 Democratic primaries, but his campaign was marred by the protest vote of Hamas-supporting American Muslims and college students organized by well-funded left-wing extremist groups.

In Michigan, more than 100,000 voters declared their turnout as “undecided” rather than voting for Biden, many of them in the college town of Ann Arbor, home to the University of Michigan.

“He is 100 percent losing young voters because of Palestine,” said Cameron Kasky, 23, a Parkland High School shooting survivor who now works as a Broadway producer.

He said he would still vote for Biden in 2024 – albeit reluctantly.

“I’m not breaking my legs to run to the polls. I’m doing it with my head down.”

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