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Trend Alert: How South Asian Celebrities Are Inspiring A New Era Of Intimate Weddings

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The pandemic has completely changed everyday life. It has also challenged many companies and industries – the wedding industry in particular. Since I’m a pandemic bride myself, the added insecurity to the already overwhelming stress of wedding planning made the battle even more real. On the brighter side, however, it’s finally time to take a closer look at the concept of the “Big Fat Indian Wedding” and its social and environmental implications. As we can see from the many intimate weddings over the past two years, it is entirely possible to celebrate responsibly without compromising on aesthetics. Let’s take a look at how some celebrities have planned and trended their special day amid locks and restrictions to make your intimate wedding a dreamy affair.

The mindful way

One of my personal favorite celebrity weddings has to be the intimate garden party of Dia Mirza and Vaibhav Rekhi. It broke so many unsaid wedding rules, and for all the right reasons. The simple and elegant ceremony, which was led by a priestess, took place in Dia Mirza’s house garden and placed great emphasis on sustainability. Starting with locally grown flowers for decoration to the simple outfits that the couple has opted for. Every aspect of the celebration has been carefully planned to be environmentally friendly and attentive. Guests were presented with plants in handcrafted woven baskets made by artisans in Meghalaya and drinks were served from glass bottles to save plastic. The zero waste and eco-friendly  -proach gave their wedding a very rustic and earthy feel while still being so romantic.

Something borrowed

Another way to be mindful is to be aware of your wedding outfit. Add a touch of nostalgia by repurposing a family heirloom. Just like Miheeka Bajaj wore her mother’s bridal lehenga for her Bhatt Nyotana ceremony and Yami Gautam dr -ed her mother’s wedding sari on her special day. It’s a trend that is easy to incorporate into your wedding plans and that is sure to bring back some fond memories.

Fashion forward

  • We all agree that the delicate veil of fashion icon Rhea K -oor, which is adorned with numerous pearls next to the c -e over her saree blouse, will go down in history as a true fashion moment. I’m sure it has already made it onto the Pinterest boards of many brides looking to improve their style game on the big day.
  • Rajkummar Rao’s bride and actress, Patralekha’s gorgeous red tulle embroidered butti wedding sari was a real eye-catcher. But the real star was her bespoke dupatta, which had the words “I offer you my heart full of love” embroidered on the border in Bangla. This is sure to inspire many brides and can be integrated into any wedding outfit. What is more romantic than a love letter on one of the most beautiful outfits of your life?
  • Wedding saree blouses have always been a way to show your creativity, be it through exclusive embroidery or the addition of dramatic sleeves. But it was actress Kajal Aggarwal who literally brought back sexy with layered chain details on the back of her engagement blouse. It added an exquisite touch to her elegant yellow saree.

These brides showed us that wedding outfits can be a lovely way to add a touch of personality and uniqueness to your day, and to make any event, however intimate, look grand and special.

Another way to make your intimate wedding outfit stand out is to incorporate less common color themes. A recurring hue that has been seen in recent weddings has been pastel pink. Indian Idol judge and former candidate Neha Kakkar and singer Rohanpreet Singh tied the knot and wore matching outfits in pink.

While classic reds always stay in the picture, pastel colors seem like a popular alternative for a more subtle but surreal aesthetic – perfect for an intimate wedding.

Minimal mehndi

Lots of celebrity brides have gone for minimalist mehndi designs this season and it’s a trend that I can think of many reasons to join. During my own wedding, one of the hardest parts for me was waiting hours for both the mehndi to be  -plied and the dyeing, which wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience. Simple designs, on the other hand, are sure to make things a lot simpler and more edgy. Both Yami Gautam and Patralekha opted for simple mandala designs that went perfectly with their outfits. Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousufzai went one step further and  -plied a simple and traditional henna design to the palms of her hands all by herself!

Whether you are in the process of planning your own intimate wedding or planning a loved one’s big day, these celebrity trends can definitely come in handy in making the event even more special and personal.

Prithika Manivel

Prithika is a marketer and entrepreneur with a passion for storytelling through her writing. If she were to describe herself in two words, it would be “persistently passionate”. Originally from Dubai, she has lived and worked in various parts of the world for some time, including India, Australia and Sing -ore, and is delighted that her trip has now taken her to the United States. Lately she’s been keen to learn more about a slow, purposeful, and conscious lifestyle and is taking small but steady steps in that direction. When she’s not working, she enjoys hanging out with family and friends, planning road trips, and adding locations to her travel bucket list. She hopes to leave a positive and lasting impression on her readers.

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