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30 Controversies That Made Celebrities’ Fans Hate Them Overnight

“Kat Von D went from being at the top of the tattoo and cosmetics world to being the poster girl for anti-vaccine nonsense with just one Instagram post. Then again, she’s always been problematic. It just took a while for most people to get it.”

I always thought she was so cool and thought if I could afford it I would buy all of her makeup. Turns out she’s just the worst and an anti-vaxxer. I’m glad her former brand no longer has any affiliation with her so I can buy from them now.”

—hillaryf4afff6749Kat Von D addressed the anti-vaxxer allegations on Instagram, writing, “My husband and I are NOT anti-vaxxers. Just because we have concerns and legitimate concerns about injecting our baby with certain chemicals and poisons does not mean we are against anything.”

The Washington Post recently reported that Kat Von D has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to her publicist.

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