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Travis Scott’s Memeified Batman Costume Explained And Why It Got These Celebrities Talking

Travis Scott has slowly become a very controversial rapper. The $100 million rapper was originally the opposite of controversial. However, since the cataclysmic Astroworld tragedy of 2021, he has been far from loved and respected. There may have been some minor things Travis did before that tarnished his reputation, but Astroworld crumbled his character overnight. He has been trying to prove to people that the incident was not malicious and premeditated, and recently donated a thousand toys to various families in the Houston area. However, the damage appears to have been done, and for the average person there is no turning back.


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Prior to Astroworld, Travis was involved in another minor debacle that tarnished his image. This incident happened during the 2020 pandemic. Many people were unsure if there would be trick or treating due to social distancing guidelines, but that didn’t stop people from dressing up. Travis was one of the many who didn’t let Mother Nature spoil their fun, so he got dressed anyway. Well, dressing up is easy said – he went all out on a custom Batman costume. However, fans found his costume amusing to say the least. Travis was the butt of internet jokes for a hot minute, and the rapper was so mocked that he temporarily retired his Instagram account. Here’s why Travis Scott’s Batman costume has been mocked, and how celebrities in particular have responded to the controversy.

It might not be obvious to some people why his costume was derided the way it was. It doesn’t look bad. It is a unique design to say the least as the entire suit is tinted brown. Travis paid attention to the details, adding Batman’s belt and making sure the suit had the right folds. The suit isn’t for everyone, but it’s not objectively ugly enough to be understandably ridiculed. It’s just an acquired taste is everything.

Travis Scott makes a surprise Coachella performance 10 months after AstroworldVia Wikimedia Commons

In addition to the costume, Travis also made sure to complete the aesthetic by surrounding himself with high-end ornate cars that were identically toned to the Batman costume. It’s obvious that Travis spent a lot of time making sure the suit, cars and everything was perfect. He certainly planned Halloween 2020 in advance.

Unfortunately, fans and critics on social media didn’t view the suit the way Travis did. To say that Travis was mocked would be far too conservative. The Antidote rapper may have been downright bullied. Thing is, social media usually has Travis’ back, like when users defended Travis after an altercation with Meek Mill.

This time, however, they weren’t so generous with Travis. Memes upon memes swept the internet, belittling Travis beyond the norm. Sure, memes are usually at someone’s expense, especially when they revolve around a celebrity. However, many users posted memes comparing Travis Scott’s Batman costume to popular fictional characters such as Count Chocula and the Flea. Travis Scott’s Batman quickly earned the nickname “The Roach,” and users have stuck with that name ever since.

Not long after that, a video meme template centered around The Roach exploded on the internet. Most of these meme types included The Roach appearing in famous jumpscare scenes, such as The Shining’s “Here’s Johnny” scene. The most popular meme was when someone photoshopped Travis Scott’s Batman into the original trailer for Matt Reeve’s film 2022 The Batman.

Robert Pattinsonthe things

By the time the memes were at their peak, Travis had deleted his Instagram. Travis’ reps claimed it had nothing to do with the Batman memes, but many fans felt the timing was too random.

How celebrities reacted to Travis Scott’s portrayal of Batman

Which celebs reacted to The Roach? Well, internet celebrities are expected to be the main reactors. That would be primarily the case, although some of the people who were close to Travis also had subtle public reactions to his Batman costume.

Travis Scott in a black top next to Kylie Jenner in a green top (front), a black and white photo of Kylie Jenner's baby wolf (back)the things

KSI was probably the largest person to speak directly on the matter at hand. KSI may be better known at this point for his boxing and rap career, but he started out as a youtuber. He still posts reaction videos on Youtube, especially those based on his personal subreddit. A fan uploaded a meme comparing Travis Scott to KSI and it included a meme about The Roach. KSI looked it up, and while defending the Batman costume, he also laughed about it for a solid moment.

Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi in Portifino, ItalyAbout: urge

Travis’ longtime affair, Kylie Jenner, may have had a subtle reaction to Travis Scott’s Batman costume. On Halloween 2022, Kylie posted many dressed up pictures of her family. However, she didn’t include any pictures of Travis’ costume, leading fans of the pair to believe she wasn’t a fan of The Roach either. Considering the two were close at the time, it was interesting that she hadn’t posted anything about him.

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Fans of both celebs have been wishing for the two to finally marry. Despite dating and having children together, the two superstars have never lived together. The two recently split due to a lack of commitment.

How Travis Scott reacted directly to his Batman fiasco

Since this is Travis’ creation and doing, it only makes sense that he would react to the situation. The first knee-jerk reaction was his Instagram deletion, but once again, people close to him say it was for a different reason.

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Travis has never said anything publicly about the costume. According to CNN, his rep said that due to the pandemic, Travis has been focused on his family. Considering it’s the only major instance of Travis deleting his Instagram account, it wouldn’t be surprising if the negativity reached him.

Travis Scott in a fieldVia: Instagram

However, Travis may have responded with his music.

Travis appeared on Future’s 2022 album I Never Liked You. He was featured on the song alongside the produced Southside, and he had some interesting lyrics to his Batman incident. He doesn’t address the memes directly, but he does reference being Batman in the line “I’m Batman, I ain’t been no hero.”

Maybe Travis planned on having a Batman persona or alias but mostly scrapped it because of all the hate. Or maybe he just keeps ignoring the haters and keeps making references to Dark Knight in his music and fashion.

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