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The Savagery of Celebrities | THISDAYLIVE

Nigerian A-list artist Tiwa Savage recently sleepwalked into a social media storm when a video of her presumably making out with her lover days after setting off the alarm that someone had tried her with the same thing Blackmail video came out.

The video sparked a firestorm on social media. While some celebrities and fans have queued up behind Savage offering both words of support and advice, others have harshly criticized her, criticizing her poor judgment and, in general, her tasteless negligence.

· Nigeria is a country full of celebrities with music icons, movie stars, athletes, models, world famous writers, etc., all of whom have a large local following. So when any of these celebrities make the news, Nigerians are easily whipped into a frenzy of excitement. The huge following of these celebrities isn’t just on p -er. It usually translates into millions in revenue generated by the celebrities through the patronage of avid fans and endorsements, local and international, aimed at the fan base.

· These celebrities are really loved and have tremendous influence. The musicians among them, for example, are very popular with Nigeria’s impressive young people. Hence, the clothes they wear, the language they weave into their songs, and the lifestyle they support are instant hits. They sh -e popular culture and many young Nigerians want to be like them.

· The worship is genuine and heartwarming. The downside of celebrity is that the smallest details of the celebrity’s life are thrown under the microscope of careful public scrutiny. In this way, many Nigerian celebrities fall short, expecting to enjoy the mammoth admiration and privilege that comes with enjoying cult hero status among the millions, while disregarding the responsibility that comes with providing moments of moral clarity for their teeming followers.

Another Nigerian celebrity, Tonto Dike, has recently been on trend for a messy breakup with her ex-lover. Wild accusations have flown freely between the camps of both parties, bringing to the fore the clutter that Nigerians face when they inevitably adjust to public spaces.

· As Nigeria continues to witness a gradual desecration of its dearest values, the list of those to be held responsible continues to grow.

· In the political arena, there is an ever-growing circle of charlatans, of whom Nigerian politicians count among their most respected members. Armed with greed that extends well beyond the confluence of the Niger and Benue rivers, they play politics with as much ferocity as they can muster. For them it is about the possibilities that are available to fill their own pockets. They manipulate elections, twist the law, manipulate the system and mess up the community until there are only ghosts and shadows left.

· In the social space there is the comedy of celebrities who give themselves embarrassingly little in order to prance the Nigerians except immorality, indiscretion, immodesty and carelessness. They are spreading poisonous messages, successfully corrupting Nigeria’s youngest minds, while making staggering sums of patronage from Nigerians who continue to slide into austerity.

· There is a severe famine of good examples in Nigeria. Instead comes a bountiful harvest of vices that attach easily and multiply with ease.

· Being a Nigerian is a very difficult task these days. Nobody should make it harder for Nigerians. Not least those who feed on the admiration of Nigerians.

· Kene Obiezu,

· [email protected]

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