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The day Gerard Pique told Shakira to shut up

Shakira and Gerhard Pique decided to end their relationship months ago, but it seems the duo isn’t lacking in drama.

News continues to come out about their relationship, with outlets focusing not only on shedding light on the present, but also on events that have transpired over the 12 years that they have been together.

Recently, users on social media drew attention to the awkward moment when the Barcelona player asked Shakira “keep your mouth shut”.

According to a thread on Twitter Shakira explained in an interview that she could not shoot music videos with men and should only work with women.

After the controversial statements, she asserted that pique had asked her to “shut up” next time.

“It’s true, I can’t appear in my videos with a man, so now it’s my turn with women. Gerard told me, next time, shut up in your interviews, okay,” she said.

The comments caused a lot of controversy, so some time later she defended her then-boyfriend.

“Hello, everyone,” Shakira said. “Recently in some interviews I mentioned that Gerard could be demanding at times.

“I said it in a humorous way, but I see a lot of media outlets have taken it literally.

“The reality is that we have a very beautiful and mutually trusting relationship.

“Next time I’ll be more careful about using my sense of humor.”

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