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Shannen Doherty makes plans for when she dies to make transition easier for her mother

Aactress Shannen DohertySuffering from stage four cancer, she finds herself in an introspective moment as she tries to put everything in order until it's time to leave, hoping that the “transition” will be as easy as possible for her mother.

The actress who played Brenda Walsh In 'Beverly Hills 90210' was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. She was in remission in 2017, but two years later the disease returned at stage 4. In January 2023, she underwent brain surgery and radiation therapy, but she died that same year actress discovered that the cancer had spread to other parts of her body, such as the brain and bones.

The frightening pictures of Shannen Doherty just before she undergoes cancer surgery

On her podcast “Let's Be Clear with Shannen Doherty” on Monday, the “Charmed” star revealed that her “priority right now is my mom” because she's aware of how complicated it will be if Shannen dies before her. For this reason, she decided to ease the situation.

“Because it will be very difficult for them, I want other things to be much easier. I don't want her to have to deal with a lot of things. “I don’t want her to have four storage units full of things like furniture,” Doherty said on the podcast.

Shannen Doherty decides to build memories with her mother

The 52-year-old actress spoke about how difficult and emotional it was to give up the dream of building a home in Tennessee with a sanctuary that would allow her to help horses in their later stages of life.

“I felt like I was giving up on a dream and what did that mean for me? Did it mean I was giving up on life? “Did it mean I was throwing in the towel?” Doherty said through tears.

The actress shared that after much thought, she understood that renovating the property would be too costly and giving it up would bring her peace to achieve her goal of making the transition easier for her family. She does this by selling her belongings, ensuring she has the money to create memories with her mother and the people she loves.

“It allows me to travel more because I make money and sell it. Then I can build other memories and build memories with the people I love. I can go on vacation with my mom because I have all this extra money to play with and.” “I don't care about the money that's in my estate to make sure everyone in my life is taken care of, when I'm dead,” Doherty concluded on her podcast.

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